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Godzilla Gets Reimagined As A Pokémon (And It Looks Incredible)

Godzilla Gets Reimagined As A Pokémon (And It Looks Incredible)

Godzilla Gets Reimagined As A Pokemon And It Looks Incredible

It was only a matter of time before Godzilla and other MonsterVerse creatures were shrunk down and reimagined as Pokémon, and one artist has done so in a way that looks both incredible and believable. Many artists online will create their own Fakemon based on pieces of pop-culture, but Godzilla and his friends/foes seem as if they were made to become Pokémon.

Godzilla and Pokémon have a lot in common despite their creation being 42 years apart. Godzilla is a Japanese media franchise focused on large monsters called kaiju that attempt to destroy different cities around the world. The MonsterVerse world is attacked by various kaiju with Godzilla usually being the defender of mankind. The Pokémon animated movies follow similar plots where a very powerful legendary monster threatens the existence of humans, and other legendary Pokémon join the fight to protect the lowly humans. However, the villains in Godzilla usually wind up dead while Pokémon finds a peaceful method of dealing with its problems.

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Instagram user and Fakemon creator RJ Palmer recreated Godzilla and friends as Pokémon. In a recent post, Palmer reimaged Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Biollante, and Gigan in a series of Fakemon he has dubbed Gojimon. While Palmer’s designs look incredible, they also look as if they could actually be monsters found in a real Pokémon game. Mechagodzilla does strongly resemble the Gen 8 steel dragon Duraldon, the other designs are unique and deserve to be made into animated 3D models.

These four designs aren’t all that RJ Palmer has to offer fans of Pokémon and Godzilla. They are just a few in a running series that Palmer has created. Other MonsterVerse creatures Palmer has recreated include Mothra, King Ghidorah, and a line of Shin Godzilla Pokémon.

Hopefully, Plamer will continue with this series as there are plenty of other MonsterVerse characters that would be interesting to see turned into Pokémon. Personally, it would awesome to see a MUTO evolutionary line or a recreation of Hedorah. It is a ton of fun to daydream about what a Godzilla-themed Pokémon game would play like, but it’s also painful to know that Palmer’s designs aren’t obtainable when booting up Pokémon: Sword & Shield. Maybe The Crown Tundra will need to call upon the massive sea-creature to defend the frozen wasteland of the upcoming Pokémon DLC.

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