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Wonder Woman Betrays Earth in DC's War of the Gods | Screen Rant

Wonder Woman Betrays Earth in DC's War of the Gods | Screen Rant

Wonder Woman Betrays Earth in DC039s War of the Gods

DC’s 1991 crossover event War of the Gods saw Wonder Woman save the Earth, and this December, as part of DC’s exploration of the Dark Multiverse, readers will be treated to a dark mirror of this story – one in which Wonder Woman betrays the Earth. Titled Tales from the Dark Multiverse: War of the Gods it is written by Vita Ayala (Supergirl, Morbius) with art by Ariel Olivetti (X-men, Daredevil) and a cover by David Marquez (Ultimate Comics Spider-man, All New X-men,) it releases December 1st. DC has used the Dark Multiverse concept lately to revisit older, line-wide events, such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, letting them play out in darker ways.

The original War of the Gods crossover event was conceived by then Wonder Woman writer and artist George Perez as a capstone to his four-year run on the title, as well as to celebrate the character’s 50th anniversary. Originally published September through December in 1991, the mini-series crossed over into many DC titles being published at the time. In Perez’s run, the Amazons revealed their existence to the world, and Circe, Wonder Woman’s chief nemesis, manipulated deities from various pantheons, such as Greek, Roman, and Norse, into fighting each other, with the destruction of the Earth spirit Gaia as the endgame. Various heroes such as Superman and Shazam helped Wonder Woman turn back Circe’s plans. Even villains such as Black Adam and the Suicide Squad got in on the act.

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In this new, Prestige format one-shot, the world of the gods is in chaos, with dire implications for humanity and the Earth. Only Wonder Woman can save the planet, but this being the Dark Multiverse version, she could wind up destroying it as well. Under the evil sorcerer Hecate’s influence, she has become an instrument of wrath and fury, and none will be spared, leading readers to wonder if anyone will be able to stop her.

In the original War of the Gods event, it was Circe who was under Hecate’s influence, as Hecate has transferred her powers and soul to Circe earlier in Perez’s run, and in the event’s climactic fight scene, Hecate is liberated and tries to take possession of Wonder Woman. She is unsuccessful and ultimately defeated. What is not clear is whether Hecate took possession of Wonder Woman in the Dark Multiverse after leaving Circe and then used her as a new champion or whether Wonder Woman was corrupted even earlier. How will the heroes of Earth be able to stop a dark, possessed Wonder Woman? These questions will hopefully be answered in Tales from the Dark Multiverse: War of the Gods.

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