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PS5 Price & Release Date Likely Aren't Sony's Only Reveals Planned

PS5 Price & Release Date Likely Aren't Sony's Only Reveals Planned

PS5 Price amp Release Date Likely Aren039t Sony039s Only Reveals

Excitement is high for the PS5 Showcase on Wednesday, with Sony expected to reveal both the PlayStation 5’s price and the long-awaited release date for its next-gen console. However, Sony may have more than just a price and a PS5 release date reveal in store for fans. In fact, it’s incredibly unlikely that these will be the only two things revealed at Wednesday’s event.

New info on the PS5 was expected last week for the original PlayStation’s 25th Anniversary, but that didn’t happen. Part of that may have been due to Microsoft unveiling pricing and preorder info for the Xbox Series X on the same day. For whatever reason, Sony decided not to release new info last week. Thankfully, Sony has since announced a PS5 Showcase for Wednesday, September 16th. So what should fans expect from it?

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It’s still a little unclear as to what exactly Sony will be showing off at the PS5 Showcase, although a price and release date seem highly likely. In fact, it might be more surprising if the company didn’t announce the price of the PS5 and its release date during the event. Still, fans should expect to see more than just the latest PS5 info during the showcase. New gameplay footage from PS5 launch titles, and maybe even new games, will probably be shown off as well.

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New footage for launch-window titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart seem probable. A price and release date for the PS5 is great, but if Sony really wants to create hype, the company will need to show off the newest games on its newest console. That also means announcements for brand-new games, including some surprise reveals, may be in store for fans on Wednesday. New games from beloved Sony properties like Sly Cooper or Uncharted may get announced. It’d be a great way to add to the excitement surrounding the PS5.

Then there are titles that aren’t developed in-house but typically retain PlayStation exclusivity. A new mainline Final Fantasy game, presumably titled Final Fantasy 16, is rumored to be revealed on Wednesday and could very well be a PS5 exclusive. Fans are also eagerly awaiting info regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, and there have been multiple rumors over the past few months about a new, PlayStation-exclusive Silent Hill game. Anything is possible, but Sony will surely have a surprise reveal or two up its sleeve.

Fans only have a little while longer before Sony unveils the price and release date of the PS5. However, the company is likely going to show off more than just those two things during the PlayStation 5 Showcase. When the event airs on Wednesday, new gameplay footage and some surprise game announcements seem increasingly likely.

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