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The Flash and Reverse-Flash's Final Race Will End in Tragedy

The Flash and Reverse-Flash's Final Race Will End in Tragedy

The Flash and Reverse Flash039s Final Race Will End in Tragedy

Warning: contains spoilers for The Flash #761!

Joshua Williamson has been a long-running writer for DC and is currently at the helm of The Flash “Finish Line” story arc, but the time has come to bring Williamson’s era of Flash to an end. Although it’s always sad for fans to say goodbye to a thrilling story, or see a thrilling writer end their reign, there is no way this story is going to go out without a bang. In this case, that bang seems to be the Flash and Reverse-Flash’s final showdown.

The rivalry between Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawn, and the Flash, Barry Allen, is long-running, destructive, and freckled with tragedy. Thawne was originally fascinated with the Flash and his history, but over time, that fascination turned to obsession, and later on, villainy. He has committed his life, and all of time, to ruining the Flash’s life at every turn. Every effort by the Flash Family to thwart him has either failed, or failed to hold any permanence. Because of this, they have had to constantly re-encounter him and suffer the effects of his evil plans, growing more exhausted with him at every encounter. It’s safe to say that they’re ready to find a way to end it… once and for all.

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In The Flash #761, the Flash Family and the Reverse-Flash’s Legion of Zoom go head to head in a penultimate battle. Every version of the Flash and his speedster allies appear in response to Max’s call to join the fray. Together they team up in order to take down the group of villains that Thawne has recruited from across the timeline, while Barry goes head to head with Reverse-Flash himself. As the team begin to realize that they will destroy the city if they let this fight go on much longer, the Flash Family kids hatch a plan to bring it to an end and send the bad guys back to where they belong. Unfortunately, in the process of sending them back to their own places in the timeline, the team accidentally banishes Barry and Thawne as well, because they were in the timestream when all of the changes began to happen. So away they went, leaving the Flash Family behind with no idea as to where or when they’d gone.

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As they vanish, we return to the 853rd century as John Fox continues to recount the events of this day to the new Kid Flash. His tone is not positive or victorious, but rather ominous. According to him, it seems as though wherever the Flash and Reverse-Flash have been sent, it will be the last time these two speedster enemies will ever race each other, for better or for worse. And if John Fox and the history banks are right, it will end in tragedy. With the cover for The Flash #762 depicting the Flash dragging a severely bloodied Reverse-Flash to an unclear fate, it may be that the Scarlet Speedster is finally ready to end their deadly race once and for all.

The Flash #762 from Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter will be released September 22nd.

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