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New Batwoman Costume Will Reflect That It's A Black Woman In The Suit

New Batwoman Costume Will Reflect That It's A Black Woman In The Suit

New Batwoman Costume Will Reflect That It039s A Black Woman

Javicia Leslie is getting a new superhero costume in Batwoman season 2, and it will ensure that viewers know that there is a black woman inside the suit. Batwoman is a CW superhero-crime show that is created by Caroline Dries and based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The show premiered in October 2019, and it was subsequently renewed for season 2 in January 2020. Inspired from its titular heroine’s appearance in the 2018 annual Arrowverse crossover event “Elseworlds,” Batwoman narrates the adventures of Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane, who has taken it upon herself to patrol the streets of Gotham after her billionaire philanthropist cousin Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego, Batman’s disappearance.

After Batwoman wrapped its Covid-19 stricken, abbreviated season 1 in May, its lead star Ruby Rose announced that she wouldn’t be a part of the show’s season 2. After Rose’s exit, Batwoman creators decided not to recast her character; rather they enlisted Always a Bridesmaid star Javicia Leslie to topline the show in an entirely new role. Leslie was roped in to play Ryan Wilder, a goofy and messy girl who has grown up on the streets. Wilder has looked up to Kate Kane’s Batwoman as her idol. And now, in a twist of events, she finds herself in her hero’s shoes. Along with the lead performer, the Batsuit has also been upgraded in Batwoman season 2, and this time it serves an ulterior motive.

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During the DC Fandome Batwoman panel, showrunner Caroline Dries and star Javicia Leslie revealed that the new Batsuit will show the audiences that there is a black actress under the costume. Leslie has made history as the first actress to play Batwoman, and this will be reflected in her superhero ensemble. Leslie stated that she hasn’t tried on the new Batsuit yet, but she is aware of the gravity of her attire in Batwoman season 2.

“But I know Caroline and I were talking about how important it is that if we’re going to have a Black Batwoman — and to be clear, she’s the first Black Batwoman — that she needs to be, like, a sista when she becomes Batwoman,” Leslie said laughingly. It’s important for her to feel like the silhouette of her could still look like that, with natural textured hair and things like that.”

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While discussing the costume, Dries added that she wants Ryan’s Batsuit to convey “what she is fighting for”. As per Dries, Kate Kane had walked off after making a strong statement: she was a lesbian superhero. And now Dries wants the same for Ryan Wilder. According to Dries, for Ryan to feel empowered in her new costume, it must represent her cause. Ryan and her community have been systematically discriminated against, and this is something Ryan has been fighting all her life. The new Batsuit, therefore, has to make an assertion about how awesome Ryan is and how amazing it is to have a black, lesbian, female superhero.

Batwoman season 1 has been acclaimed for its stylish and earnest representation of the LBTQ+ community. And the show’s season 2 is now extending this avenue of representation by incorporating a queer lead of color. It is therefore essential that the show’s commitment to diversity is reflected in its central tropes and props. Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder and her alter-ego vigilante Batwoman are untamed, messy and they do not adhere to superhero stereotypes. Hence it will be quite fitting to have a Batsuit that complements Wilder’s personality.

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