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Minecraft Championship Draws Insane Viewership Across Twitch And YouTube

Minecraft Championship Draws Insane Viewership Across Twitch And YouTube

Minecraft Championship Draws Insane Viewership Across Twitch And YouTube

The ninth Minecraft Championship has concluded, but not before drawing an insane number of viewers across Twitch and YouTube. While some tournaments for different video games are streamed from a singular channel that switches between the competitors’ viewpoints, the Minecraft Championship additionally allows for each competitor to stream their own gameplay on their platform of choice.

The Minecraft Championship pits ten teams of four against one another in a series of hand-crafted mini-games. These mini-games test the players’ core Minecraft skills including traditional games such as parkour, survival games, and spleef. Other minigames are a bit more creative and include Dodgebolt (dodgeball), Bingo, and Hole in the Wall. Players compete to earn coins for their team, and the two teams with the most coins at the end of the event face off in a final battle. The winning team of the final duel is crowned the Minecraft Champion.

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The ninth Minecraft Championship took place on September 12, and drew in hundreds of thousands of viewers. Notable gaming insider Rod Breslau tweeted during the event stating that the Minecraft Championship had 500K concurrent viewers across Twitch and YouTube. Near the end of the championship, the Minecraft category on Twitch had over 300K viewers. Twitch streamer and incredibly popular YouTuber Dream, who has recently popularized Minecraft Manhunt, pulled in over 100K concurrent viewers alone. Dream, along with fellow popular YouTuber Technoblade, has won the event in the past, but the ninth Minecraft Championships was won by the Blue Bats, consisting of FalseSymmetry, Rendog, fruitberries, and HBomb94.

Minecraft has seen a surge of renewed popularity on YouTube and Twitch with series such as Hermitcraft and Minecraft Manhunt, and now huge events like the Minecraft Championship further show just how many people are watching Minecraft content. For those who want to tune in during the next Minecraft Championship, the next event is scheduled to take place on September 26th. Usually, the teams consist of popular content creators who are selected by the event’s coordinators, but Minecraft Championship 10 will feature two teams of viewers allowing fans of the series to get in on the action.

The Minecraft Championship is a unique event that draws in some of the largest names in the Minecraft community, and it is a wonderful experience getting to see some Minecrafters interact with one another that wouldn’t under normal circumstances. At times, it can feel surreal when two or more of a viewer’s favorite content creators are put on the same team, while other team compositions make sense. Minecraft Championship has been an absolute blast so far, and let’s hope that the fun and insane viewership continues for the foreseeable future.

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