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The Batman & Se7en Share Eerie Parallels In Trailer Comparison Video

The Batman & Se7en Share Eerie Parallels In Trailer Comparison Video

The Batman amp Se7en Share Eerie Parallels In Trailer Comparison

Matt Reeves’ The Batman and David Fincher’s Se7en feature some unnerving visual parallels in this new trailer comparison video. DC’s latest take on Bruce Wayne and his vigilante alter ego is The Batman, a gritty, grounded movie set outside the DCEU that stars Robert Pattinson. Once planned as a vehicle for Ben Affleck’s Batman, the film changed hands when Affleck left the DCEU (temporarily, as it turns out). Now, Reeves and Pattinson intend to focus on Bruce within his second year as Batman when a series of murders put Gotham City on edge.

The Batman began production earlier this year, but the coronavirus pandemic soon derailed its progress. Work on the film was shut down in mid-March and has remained that way ever since, though reports indicate it will resume in September. At the time of the shutdown, The Batman was only a quarter of the way into filming, yet Reeves was still able to cobble together an excellent teaser trailer. The Batman‘s first trailer arrived last weekend at DC FanDome and quickly became the most-discussed bit of news from the event.

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Thanks to its dark detective story-inspired elements, The Batman has already drawn some comparisons to other well-known crime dramas. Most interestingly, the DC film seems to have a lot in common with Fincher’s 1995 classic Se7en. Burns Reviews did a side by side comparison of The Batman‘s teaser trailer and several shots from Se7en, proving the two films have some startlingly similar imagery. If someone didn’t know better, they might even think The Batman is ripping off Se7en. Check out the video down below.

Se7en stars Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt as two detectives tracking down a serial killer who is basing their murders on the seven deadly sins. The film is perhaps best known for its devastating “What’s in the box?” moment, which has been referenced (and parodied) many times over the years. While Reeves cited other films like Chinatown and Taxi Driver as inspirations for The Batman, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that Se7en holds a lot of the elements Reeves was looking at when crafting his DC film. This video certainly does a good job of proving that.

The Batman already promises to be unlike any other film focused on the DC character, which is largely why fans are so excited about it. In addition to featuring a unique take on Bruce himself, The Batman promises to feature new twists on well-known villains, such as the Penguin (Colin Farrell) and the Riddler (Paul Dano). Right now, the only thing disappointing about The Batman is that fans still have to wait over a year to see it.

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