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John Rhys-Davies: 10 Funny Gimli Memes That We Love | ScreenRant

John Rhys-Davies: 10 Funny Gimli Memes That We Love | ScreenRant

The Lord of the Rings is, without a doubt, one of the greatest works of fantasy fiction to have ever been written, and Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of it is similarly regarded as a masterpiece of cinema. Though obviously the book and the films are very serious dramas, they do have moments of comic relief, and one of the key sources of amusement in the films is the character of Gimli. Portrayed by the irascible Jonathan Rhys-Davies, Gimli is a very charming and hilarious character, in large part because of his contentious friendship with the Elf Legolas.

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Fortunately, there are also quite a few fan artists out there who have created truly hilarious Gimli memes that capture the ribald appeal of this character.

10 Physical Fitness

John Rhys Davies 10 Funny Gimli Memes That We Love

In the books, it’s made pretty clear that Gimli might not be a sprinter, but he definitely has the gift of endurance. The films sort of take a different approach and, as Legolas, Aragorn, and Gilmi pursue the kidnapped hobbits across Rohan, the viewer sees Gimli struggling to keep up. This meme draws a clear parallel between Gimli’s struggle and that other struggle: trying to perform in the gym with the same stamina and verve as one’s friends. It’s a losing battle, for both the dwarf and for everyone else.

9 Suspicious Minds

Anyone who has a pet knows that they always seem to know when they are being taken to the vet. It’s hard to say how they know, exactly, though it’s tempting to think that they know a lot more than humans give them credit for. In this case, the meme takes a well-known Gimli quote, that the Company is taking the long way round in their efforts to get to Mordor, and changes it slightly so that it now applies to an especially canny pet who knows that something just isn’t right.

8 The Social Network

There are few fandoms as devoted as Ringers. It’s not hard to see why. After all, Tolkien’s work is one of the most textured of fantasies, and it allows the reader to really lose themselves in his complex work and his fictional world. As this meme points out, it’s often a little difficult for people so immersed to get back into the real world of everyday responsibilities.

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Like Gimli during the Battle of Helm’s Deep, they’re going to need a toss to get out of the whole thing.

7 Girlfriend Or Gimli?

In the contest between a girlfriend and Gimli, it’s honestly rather difficult to say who would come out on top. Thankfully, the internet has come to the rescue with this handy chart that lays out the benefits of each of them. It’s still a bit hard to say who comes out on top in this situation, but given the fact that Gimli both carries an axe and is known for showing up with a ghost army at his back, it sure does seem like he has the edge.

6 Is This Lovecraft?

The thing about Gimli memes is that a lot of them tend to repeat the same set of jokes, often using the same quotes. It’s understandable, since he’s a very humorous sort of character. Then, you have memes like this one, that manage to both evoke the notable friendship between Legolas and Gimli and turn it into something that looks like it came out of a H.P. Lovecraft story. Points for originality and a truly twisted sense of humor.

5 Everyone’s Been There

1598666732 358 John Rhys Davies 10 Funny Gimli Memes That We Love

Almost everyone’s had a craving for McDonald’s at some point in their life, and while the drive through definitely has some advantages, every so often a person has to actually go inside. As if that’s not bad enough, sometimes the floor is so sticky that it’s easy to lose a shoe. Thankfully, there’s a Gimli meme for that! You have to give Davies credit for managing to capture the sense of horror that Gimli must have felt while walking over the skulls that were scattered all over the paths of the Dead.

4 Suspicious Minds

John Rhys Davies 10 Funny Gimli Memes That We Love

Gimli is one of those characters that tends to be a bit suspicious, particularly when he thinks that people are being needlessly confrontational. In one notable example, he tells Eomer that he will only tell him his name when the Rohirrim gives him his. It’s a funny moment, in particular because Gimi’s irreverence is in such marked contrast to Eomer’s dour expression. This meme takes that and applies it to that fateful moment when a barista asks for a customer’s name.

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It’s hard not to respond in the way that Gimli does (though it’s unlikely most baristas would appreciate the reference).

3 Let’s Hear It For Legolas

1598666733 700 John Rhys Davies 10 Funny Gimli Memes That We Love

The bond between the Elf Legolas and Gimli is one of the best in the entire trilogy, in part because of the obvious chemistry between Rhys-Davies and Orlando Bloom. It’s all the more remarkable as a friendship because there is a long history of animosity between their two races. As this meme makes clear, in many ways Gimli does become Legolas’ emotional support dwarf, the person that he can count on through all of the travails they endure.

2 Everyone Needs An Axe

1598666733 704 John Rhys Davies 10 Funny Gimli Memes That We Love

One of the most iconic Gimli moments is when he proclaims that Frodo, in addition to the sword of Aragorn and the bow of Legolas, also has his axe. It’s made all the more humorous because Legolas clearly has a dim view of his inclusion in the company. As this meme makes clear, one of the brilliant things about the line is that it can be used in all sorts of circumstances, even in ones where it makes absolutely no sense.

1 Probably Not A Good Idea

1598666734 196 John Rhys Davies 10 Funny Gimli Memes That We Love

As the Fellowship makes its way toward Mordor, Gimli keeps trying to convince them to take the Mines of Moria so as to avoid the traps laid for them by Saruman. When they finally do so, it results in Gandalf falling in battle with a Balrog in one of the film’s most powerful and intense moments. This meme rightly points out that maybe, just maybe, Gimli really should have stopped trying to make Moria happen.

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