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Marvel’s Avengers Beta: 5 Million Players Racked up 28.5 Million Hours

Marvel’s Avengers Beta: 5 Million Players Racked up 28.5 Million Hours

Marvels Avengers Beta 5 Million Players Racked up 285 Million

The Marvel’s Avengers beta saw around 5 million players rack up 28.5 million hours of playtime over the course of three weekends, according to stats released by Square Enix. Beta weekends were held across the past three weekends for different groups of players. The first beta weekend was exclusive to those who pre-ordered the game for the PS4, the second let all PS4 players join in and added players who pre-ordered for the PC and Xbox One, and last weekend’s beta was open to everyone, also receiving quite a hefty patch before it went live.

The beta for Marvel’s Avengers let players try out a good chunk of the game’s content including several campaign and side missions, the latter of which can be played in multiplayer. Beta players were able to pick between Iron Man, Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Black Widow, although both Captain America and Thor were also playable for a short time in the game’s opening mission. The beta received mixed impressions, with differing opinions on the game’s characters, story, mission structure, and enemies.

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As GamesRadar shared, a followup email from Square Enix to beta participants included some interesting stats on how players spent their time over the last few weekends. Apart from racking up 28.5 million hours of playtime, players killed 3.5 billion enemies throughout the beta. There were 240,000 people who maxed out their character level, which Square Enix says was less than five percent of the player base, meaning the beta had around 5 million players. Lastly, the most popular item in the game’s marketplace was the Iron Man Chroma Lux outfit, which was purchased 640,000 times.

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Now that the beta is finished, Square Enix will be airing its final War Table stream on September 1st before the game is released. The last War Table will feature an overview of the game before its launch, covering things like its progression system, high-level content, and more. The stream will also go into detail on the game’s first season of content as well as announce another character that will be added to the game’s roster after release. Square Enix previously announced that Hawkeye would be one of the characters added to the game post-launch.

In spite of the beta’s mixed reception, the stats show that there are definitely a lot of people who are at least interested in playing Marvel’s Avengers. Hopefully, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are able to deal with some if not all of the issues people have with the game and are able to improve it in the long run with fixes and more content.

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Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled for release on September 4th, 2020, for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. It will also be available on the Xbox Series X and PS5 in Q4 2020.

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