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John Carpenter Can't Wait For Fans To See Halloween Kills

John Carpenter Can't Wait For Fans To See Halloween Kills

John Carpenter Can039t Wait For Fans To See Halloween Kills

John Carpenter has recently declared his excitement for people to get a chance to see David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills. Carpenter is the mastermind behind the first Halloween, and has been involved in a few films in the franchise. Halloween Kills is the sequel to Blumhouse’s 2018 hit Halloween and is scheduled to be released on October 15, 2021.

While he hasn’t directed a Halloween film since the original, Carpenter serves as an executive producer and a creative consultant on Halloween Kills. On top of that, the horror master also co-scored the newest slasher sequel. John Carpenter has helped compose the score of many other horror films, including the very first Halloween movie. Carpenter is also set to write the music for the third film in Green’s modern Halloween trilogy, Halloween Ends. Green’s new trilogy marks the first time Carpenter has returned to the franchise in any capacity since 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

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In an interview with Fantasia International Film Festival, John Carpenter reveals that due to scoring the film, he has seen it, and he seems to think it’s great. In a video uploaded on the festival’s Youtube channel, Carpenter says, “It is… the quintessential slasher film,” when asked about what he can tell the interviewer in regards to the new installment of the long-running franchise.  The acclaimed filmmaker went on to discuss how impressed he truly was with the quality of the latest film. John Carpenter ends the Halloween Kills segment of his interview with Fantasia by saying with a sinister calm, “I can’t wait to have you see it.

Halloween Kills wrapped filming in November of last year and was originally set to be released on October 16th, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the film was pulled from release and pushed back a whole year. The news that John Carpenter himself was apparently stunned by Halloween Kills makes the movie’s delay even more of a bummer for film buffs everywhere.

It is easy to speculate that someone involved in an upcoming movie is going to play up the film no matter what, but there is such conviction in Carpenter’s voice and facial expressions that it is almost impossible not to interpret what he says as genuine. Carpenter seems extremely honored to be a part of the new version of the project that put him on the map decades ago. He goes on to note how great of a job he thought director David Gordon Green truly did on the latest film starring The Shape.

If Carpenter’s words about the newest Halloween sequel do ring true, then this film should be worth the wait. Since Carpenter appears to think fondly of his time working with Green, as well as the fact that they both are already slated to work together again on Halloween Kills, it seems as though the two filmmakers will experience an exciting, new working relationship. With Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends awaiting release, John Carpenter’s career seems to currently be at an unpredictable new beginning.

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Source:  Fantasia International Film Festival

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