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Kard teases ‘Gunshot’ music video

South Korean music group Kard is giving a glimpse of its new music video.

The co-ed K-pop group shared a preview Monday of its video for the song “Gunshot.”

The teaser features intense scenes of Kard’s J.Seph, B.M, Somin and Jiwoo. The group is also seen performing a choreographed dance routine.

Kard previously released a “keypoint dance” video for “Gunshot” that highlights choreography from the music video.

“Gunshot” is the title track from Kard’s forthcoming debut single album, Way with Words. The group will release the album and the full “Gunshot” music video Wednesday.

Way with Words features three songs, “Ah Ee Yah,” “Gunshot” and “Hold On.” Kard shared a highlight medley for the album last week.

Kard made its debut as a group in 2017. The group is known for the singles “Oh NaNa,” “Rumor,” “Hola Hola,” “Bomb Bomb” and “Dumb Litty,” and last released the EP Red Moon in February.

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