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’90 Day Fiance’ recap: Kalani talks of ending marriage to Asuelu, Tania and Syngin have explosive fight, Angela threatens to call off wedding to Michael

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured Kalani Fagaata having a breakdown about her marriage after a heated confrontation with Asuelu Pulaa‘s family, Colt Johnson admitting he talked to other girls during a break with Jess Caroline, Angela Deem threatening to call off her wedding to Michael Ilesanmi, and Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester getting into an explosive fight in front of his family during Sunday night’s Season 5 episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’s fifth season also features Paul Staehle, Karine Martins, Elizabeth Potthast, Andrei Castravet, and Larissa Dos Santos Lima.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After? documents 90 Day Fiance couples — engaged, married or divorced — navigating life, hardships, family, children and unexpected obstacles.


The new season has already featured cultural differences, in-law arguments, scandals, confrontations and tears, and there is much more to come.

Below is the latest on each 90 Day Fiance couple or cast members, according to the eleventh episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’s fifth season.


Following Angela’s outburst, Michael told his aunt Lydia that he knew how to handle Angela and there were no more surprises in his relationship after three years together.

Michael realized he might have to choose between his family and his future wife, and he told the cameras he just wanted both sides “to be happy.” Michael said he “never expected” the conversation with Lydia to take such a course.

When Michael arrived back at his apartment where Angela was waiting for him, she immediately announced, “I’m done. It’s done. You ain’t done nothing but lie to her and to me. You lie to me all the damn time!”

Angela said she was furious Michael never stood up for her in front of his aunt. Michael had told his aunt that Angela would change and be submissive in their marriage, so Angela told the cameras he was either lying to her or lying to his family.

“Michael already knows I am not — and I repeat, I am not — going to be the submissive wife that they suggest to Michael that I be,” Angela noted in a confessional.


Angela screamed at Michael in their kitchen, saying standing up for her is her own American culture and she’d never change her ways. Angela wished Michael had said the dynamic in their marriage would be 50/50.

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“That is not who I want to get married to. I think he needs to get married to his family and let me take my ass back home to America,” Angela vented.

Angela kept yelling at Michael, “You can’t make me [bow down]!” At one point, Michael put a hand up near Angela’s face, trying to get her to calm down, but she just screamed, “F-ck you,” and called him “a little boy.”

Angela ran to the bedroom and started to pack her belongings. She shut Michael out of the room and insisted she was going to say “I won’t” instead of “I do.”

“That was the end. I’m going to a hotel. The wedding is off,” Angela told her fiance.

“Listen now, you don’t understand what [happened],” Michael calmly replied, suggesting it was all a misunderstanding.

“I don’t have to. I’m not marrying you and that’s the end of it. I’m not playing,” Angela said. “I have too much to worry about at home to sit here and kiss your whole family’s ass.”

Angela said she wouldn’t be cooking Michael’s meals and she’s an American woman. Angela said she’d only bow down to one man — Jesus — and it was ridiculous that Michael and other Nigerian men viewed themselves to be some type of “god” in their culture.

Michael told the cameras he just wanted a peaceful and successful marriage, but Angela shouted at her fiance to “kiss my ass.” And then she stormed out of their apartment.

The next day, Angela told Michael that he had been proclaiming to be one man in front of his family and a different man in conversation with her. Michael apologized, but Angela said his “sorrys [meant] nothing.”

Michael told Angela that he would never force her to be like a Nigerian woman but he hoped Angela would act a little differently around his family in order to please them and make them happy. Angela said she wasn’t going to “pretend.”

Angela hoped Michael’s mother would talk some sense into Michael or else she’s be willing to leave Nigeria. Angela said the wedding was going to be “off” if Michael’s mother also expected her to be submissive and change for a man.


Later on, Angela, Michael, and Michael’s brother sat down with Michael’s mother Aduke and a translator to have a serious conversation about Michael and Angela being equal partners in a marriage.

Angela recalled what happened the previous night and how Nigerian women expected Angela to be submissive in her marriage.

Angela explained many women in America believe a relationship should be 50/50. Although Aduke told the cameras she thinks the man should be the head of the household, she told Angela that she had no problem with Angela’s outlook on marriage and expectations.

Angela was so glad Aduke respected her own opinions, and Aduke said she just wanted to see Angela and her son respect each other and work out their problems as a team.

“So, is there going to be a wedding?” Michael asked Angela.

“Well, we have one more mountain to climb, and it’s very personal,” Angela replied.

Angela was referring to how she and Michael may not have children. Angela wanted Aduke’s blessing to marry Michael even if she couldn’t have a child, but Angela knew that would be a stretch.

Angela explained she may not be able to have a baby, but Aduke still gave her consent for Michael to marry. Aduke hoped God would be in her son’s marriage and that it would work out.

Aduke was certain Michael loved Angela, and she just wanted her son and Angela to continue loving each other forever.

“Even if I can’t have a kid, I love Angela, and that’s all that matters,” Michael said, adding that he was so happy to have his mother’s blessings and prayers.


Elizabeth and Andrei picked up Elizabeth’s sister Jenn, mother Pamela and stepfather Walter. Andrei apparently promised Elizabeth he would be nice and behave himself, but he just hoped no one would be rude to him.

The couple brought Elizabeth’s family to the same AirBnB where Chuck and Charlie were already staying, and Elizabeth pointed out Moldova seemed sad and gloomy right off the bat. Andrei admitted Jenn liked to push his buttons, but he tried to keep his cool.

Elizabeth had no intention of telling the women in her life about the fight that went down between Andrei and Chuck and Charlie, so she hoped the guys wouldn’t inform them. Elizabeth anticipated a fresh start and everyone getting along.


That night, Elizabeth got her wish. There was a warm and happy gathering between Elizabeth’s family and Andrei’s family. Andrei’s mother even prepared another huge feast for everyone to welcome them.

Pamela acknowledged Andrei’s family seemed very sweet so she didn’t understand where Andrei got his “gruffness” from.

Andrei’s brother Radu told the cameras he was glad that Andrei was in better spirits and had improved the mood going into his second wedding with Elizabeth. Elizabeth gushed she was “very happy” with the chill gathering, and Elizabeth told her husband that his great attitude was “very sexy.”

During Jenn’s first morning in Moldova, she admitted she was starving because she didn’t like the food. Chuck and Charlie then told Jenn about the fight they had with Andrei the other night and how Andrei had yelled at them to pack their bags and return to America.

Charlie felt it was important for Pamela and Jenn to “know the true Andrei,” and Jenn said it seemed like Andrei had a secret that he didn’t want anyone to find out.

Chuck said he saw a completely different side of Andrei during their altercation, and Pamela admitted the story was very “disheartening” and it was going to be “awkward” to go shopping for a wedding dress with Elizabeth.

Jenn planned to feed Andrei some drinks and try to get the truth out of him, and Chuck was still curious about why Andrei had moved to Ireland at one point in his life.

Elizabeth, Pamela, Jenn and Andrei’s sister-in-law Ina then went shopping for a traditional Moldovan outfit for her wedding. Elizabeth agreed to wear traditional attire for the first part of the ceremony and then change into a dress she had bought in Florida for the second portion of the wedding.

Jenn said the traditional dress looked “Little House on the Prairie,” but Elizabeth seemed happy to please her husband.

Ina admitted she had problems with Andrei in the past and they hadn’t seen each other in two years. Ina asked Elizabeth’s relatives, “How does she live with him?!”

Elizabeth overheard the conversation from inside the dressing room and was frustrated with Jenn trying to “talk sh-t” behind her back to Ina, while using the stylist as a translator.


Jenn was apparently just hurt Andrei had disrespected her dad and brother, but Elizabeth said the fight didn’t involve them and so they shouldn’t worry about it.

Elizabeth promised her family she had scolded Andrei for his mistakes, and although he sometimes acted like “an assh-le,” she still loved him and wanted to be with him. Elizabeth said she could go without a second wedding but was doing it for his family.


Colt had been back in America for a few weeks and admitted times were rocky for Jess and himself. Jess apparently didn’t trust Colt after he had lied to her about his friendship with Vanessa.

“Because we’re back being long distance, it’s gone from bad to worse. We fight almost every day and we’ve broken up a few times,” Colt told the cameras.

Colt was then shown FaceTiming with Jess, and he asked her to visit him in Las Vegas because he still loved her and wanted to salvage their relationship.

Jess noted she didn’t want to meet Vanessa if she visited, and Colt said that was fine.

“I want you, you’re my girl,” Colt said, before inviting Jess to stay in his bedroom at his house.

Jess didn’t think Debbie would be happy with that, but Colt said Debbie seemed to have the wrong impression of his girlfriend. Colt hoped the girls would get along and have “good times and good vibes,” but Jess said she was still working on trusting Colt again.

“I really want to move forward with her… but I haven’t been 100 percent honest with Jess. I’ve been sad about what happened between Jess and I, and one of the times Jess and I broke up, I was lonely and so I started to talk to other women,” Colt confessed to the cameras.

Colt felt the need to be honest with Jess and explain what happened in order for them to have a healthy relationship, but he didn’t want to break the bad news to Jess over the phone because he figured she would break up with him immediately.

Colt hoped to work things out with Jess and maintain her trust while coming clean.

“Jess is going to lose it when she finds out about the girls I’ve been talking to. I know I can’t hide this from her if we’re going to have a future together,” Colt explained in a confessional.

Colt and Debbie were later shown going out for ice cream to spend some quality time together. Colt told Debbie that he wanted to see Jess again soon despite their ups and downs in Brazil.


Debbie shared with the cameras how she wasn’t in favor of Colt and Jess’ relationship, saying Jess was a rebound for his son when he was in a desperate time in his life.

Colt admitted to Debbie that he still loved Jess and wanted to be with her, but he had been keeping another secret from Jess as well — that Vanessa had moved into his home with Debbie as a “roommate” following her divorce.

Vanessa apparently moved in with Colt and Debbie a few days after Colt returned home from Brazil. Colt explained that Debbie had invited Vanessa into their home when Vanessa needed a place to stay.

Colt believed his chances of Jess forgiving him and staying with him would be better if they discussed everything in person. Colt, however, realized he had an uphill battle with Jess in trying to convince her that she could trust him and he’s a good guy in general.


Tania and Syngin had a “braai,” which is a barbecue using wood in South Africa. The whole family was together, including Syngin’s stepfather and brother Dylan.

Syngin said he looked forward to a relaxing evening with his family, but the peace didn’t last long.

Syngin told his loved ones that living in America was never his dream and he’d love to have land and raise a family in South Africa. Syngin said he realized he was missing out on life in South Africa when he had a fun night out with his friends.


“It really does make me think if being in America is the right decision for me right now,” Syngin told the cameras.

Tania explained to Syngin’s loved ones that she didn’t want to raise a family in South Africa because of the poverty and racism, and Tania said she wanted her kids to grow up with people from so many different cultures and backgrounds.

“If we’re going to have kids…” Tania began.

“Kids? Who said that’s ever going to happen?” Syngin asked.

Tania rolled her eyes and asked Syngin to “bring it down a notch.” She said Syngin was well aware children were a part of her plan even before they got married and so it wasn’t okay for him to flip a switch like that.

“America’s not my f-cking dream,” Syngin noted.

Syngin’s stepfather asked Tania to give Syngin time to get his footing in America since he missed his family and didn’t have many friends, but Tania just wanted Syngin to “try out a couple” of his goals. Syngin had already been living in the United States for a couple of years, and Tania said she just wanted him to focus on something.

“I think it’s unfair for Syngin to get married if he didn’t plan on staying in America. Yes, I can understand it being hard and him being homesick, but I can’t understand no steps being taken. I just don’t want empty promises… I need to start seeing action,” Tania told the cameras.

Tania started to cry at the dinner table and begged Syngin to try something out in the United States. Syngin said Tania was looking for a structured man in a relationship but Syngin wasn’t structured and had lived an amazing life because of it.

“You don’t need your work permit to try stuff!” Tania yelled at Syngin, before crying about “not feeling heard or appreciated.”

Syngin insisted he’s just a chill guy and won’t be pressured to do anything, but Tania said, “It’s not about how fast you go, as long as you have a direction. You have no direction and that’s what scares me! Take your time, but have a f-cking direction.”

Tania said Syngin had been telling her about what he wants to do and the life he’d like to have and she’s just been waiting to see some action.

Syngin told Tania that pushing him wouldn’t help the situation, and Syngin’s stepfather said Syngin won’t be put in his place and he and Tania had a lot of compromising to do.

Tania said when she left Syngin to study herbalism in Costa Rica, he just partied and drank with his friends.

“Your wife said a lot,” Syngin’s stepfather said.

“Yeah, as usual,” Syngin griped.


Syngin suddenly wiped his brow and then Tania left the table in tears. Tania told his family that he didn’t want to be married if life was going to be like this.

Syngin said he never wanted to feel belittled, but Tania was upset because Syngin didn’t want to talk about their issues in front of his family.

Syngin admitted he’s a laid back procrastinator, and his stepfather advised him to grow with Tania in the same direction. Tania told Syngin that he needed to “level up” and grow up, but Syngin just joked they weren’t playing a Supermario game.

“If two years isn’t enough, then we shouldn’t do this anymore,” Tania told Syngin.

“Two years is more than enough for me. It’s more than enough for me to give you time and it’s more than enough for [me to] show you so many chances that you’ve failed at. You’ve broken so many promises. That I’m still here is amazement.”

Syngin said Tania didn’t see or appreciate how much he’s changed and sacrificed for her, but he reminded her that he’s still a free-spirit. Tania argued she’s a free spirit as well but would like to achieve her goals.

Tania said Syngin owed two months rent on his apartment when they initially met in South Africa and she brought him a long way, but Syngin was tired of the conversation and left it prematurely.

Syngin told the cameras he wasn’t sure whether he could see himself being happy with Tania for a long time.


Kalani met with Asuelu’s sister Tammy and mother without Asuelu — although he knew about the meeting — in order to talk some sense into them and explain where she and her husband were coming from in terms of their finances.

“I just don’t know why you feel entitled to me and my family’s money… At the end of the day, it is going to be what I say,” Kalani told Asuelu’s relatives.

Asuelu’s mother explained it’s a man’s duty in Samoa to take care of his family, but Kalani thought the situation had been taken to an extreme.

Asuelu’s mother said, “Just give me money. That’s all I want.”

But Kalani said Asuelu was going to be poor if Asuelu gave all of his money to his family in Samoa. Tammy told Kalani to work as well so they could both help Asuelu’s family, but Kalani said she wasn’t going to leave her babies so she could make money to pay people in a different country.


Tammy called Kalani “lazy,” but Kalani said she wasn’t going to work to give Asuelu’s family “free money.”

Kalani explained Asuelu needed to be responsible for his kids, and then Tammy blamed Kalani for trying to get pregnant in order to essentially trap Asuelu as a husband.

“This is the craziest thing yet. I can’t believe they’re accusing me of getting pregnant on purpose, as if Asuelu is this amazing catch when I’ve never asked anything of him. It’s just kind of weird for them to accuse me of things when they’re the ones who keep asking me for money,” Kalani said in a confessional.

Kalani’s mother said she had “nothing” because Asuelu listened to his wife.

“I don’t care about the kids. I want to take back my son to Samoa to do his duty as before,” Asuelu’s mother said.

Kalani appeared shocked, and then Tammy advised Kalani to separate from Asuelu. Kalani found the idea of Asuelu abandoning his kids to be absolutely ridiculous just so he could give his family in Samoa money.

Tammy accused Kalani of brainwashing and controlling Asuelu, adding, “That’s why I don’t like you.”

But Kalani said, “All I’ve done is love Asuelu.”

Kalani said she was “done” with this circus, and then Tammy went after her, looking for a fight physically. Tammy screamed at Kalani as Asuelu’s mother held her back, and Kalani called Asuelu’s relatives “nuts” and said she was done with them and couldn’t deal with them anymore.

When Kalani returned to Asuelu and her sister Kolini, Kalani shared what had happened and how Tammy had accused her of controlling her husband. Asuelu could tell the conversation went terribly, and he admitted he was mad.

Asuelu was also “surprised” to hear his mother said that she didn’t care about her grandchildren. Asuelu wondered if Kalani misunderstood the conversation, but Kalani assured her husband that she had wasted her time and money — and that his family members were “assh-les.”

Asuelu asked Kalani not to call his relatives “assh-les,” but Kalani said Tammy tried to fight with her.

“If she grabbed me, I would’ve knocked her out,” Kalani insisted to her husband, adding, “If your sister would have touched a freakin’ molecule on my body, I would have dropped her. Period!”

Asuelu turned the conversation into who would win a fight, which made Kalani even more frustrated and annoyed. Kalani stormed out of the AirBnB and called Asuelu “a lunatic,” just like his family.

Asuelu called his wife “f-cking crazy” and said she had crossed a line, but Kalani no longer felt supported by her husband. Kalani worried Asuelu was never going to change for the better, and she feared her life was always going to be crazy.


Kolini told Kalani that she was too good for Asuelu and didn’t deserve to live this way. Kolini advised Kalani not to stay in a relationship just for the sake of her children.

“I just feel like I’m done,” Kalani cried to her sister, who was taking care of Oliver and Kennedy. “

I do feel like I love him still. I just feel like every day, it’s getting less and less, and I feel like if it keeps continuing on like this, I won’t want to be a part of this marriage anymore.”


After Larissa’s court case was resolved, she begun a new chapter with Eric. Larissa wanted to feel like she shared a house with Eric and wasn’t just living in his place, so the pair went shopping together.

Larissa basically loved everything in the store, but her taste is apparently expensive. She even fell in love with a couch that was nearly $12,000.

Larissa said Eric used to be cheap and so he wanted to prove in their revived romance that he had changed. Larissa wanted Eric to spend money on her, but Eric said they weren’t even married yet and she needed to pick things out within reason, like things under $400.

Larissa then told Eric that she wanted to get “a boob job” and “a nose job.” Larissa said she had lost her confidence in her marriage to Colt and Eric made her feel beautiful and sexy, and so she wanted to boost her ego and be exactly what Eric would desire.

Eric, however, told Larissa that she had great breasts and he loved her nose.

Larissa anticipated all the work would cost around $25,000-$30,000, and she asked to “borrow” the money from Eric’s savings. She apparently didn’t expect Eric to pay for it, but she was certain Eric had that money.

Eric said he would lend Larissa the money with a contract and interest. He wanted there to be conditions in which he’d feel reassurance Larissa wouldn’t just take off to Brazil or something like that after getting her surgeries.

Eric thought Larissa was stunning already, but he said he wanted to make Larissa happy and feel good about herself.

Larissa felt like Eric had lost passion in their relationship when they previously dated, so she wanted to give him a reason to be crazy about her and lust for her more. Larissa told Eric that she wanted to make their sex better and also marry him.

“I think that this is going to make Eric be committed to be with me. I hope that after my new boobs, Eric is going to ask my hand to marry him,” Larissa told the cameras.

Eric asked Larissa if she wanted a boob job to “throw it in [her] ex’s face,” but Larissa insisted she wanted plastic surgery for the right reasons. Eric said Larissa had proven to him that she’s capable of lying, but Larissa promised Eric her new body would be for Eric, herself and their relationship.

Larissa insisted she didn’t care about Colt and if she ran across him in the desert and he was thirsty, she wouldn’t give him water.

However, Larissa admitted, “I truly believe that when Colt see my new boobs and a lot of attention from men that I’ll get, he gonna feel very jealous… I hope karma can find him.”

Larissa said she believed more than ever that she and Eric could work out long-term and have a very successful relationship.


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