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Which Characters Are Talking In The Batman Trailer | Screen Rant

Which Characters Are Talking In The Batman Trailer | Screen Rant

Which Characters Are Talking In The Batman Trailer Screen

The Batman trailer released at DC FanDome has multiple people speaking, but two of them don’t appear on-screen when they talk – so who are they? Despite filming only one-quarter of the movie so far – before productions were forced to shut down due to the ongoing pandemic, that is – Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie had enough footage completed that the studio was able to scrounge together a compelling and revealing trailer for DC fans.

Beginning with the death of Gotham Mayor Don Mitchell Jr., who’s likely been assassinated due to being a corrupt politician, The Batman trailer sees Jim Gordon and Batman meet, at which point Gordon asks the vigilante if he’s aware of the message that was left for him. Even though he’s only in his second year of fighting crime in Gotham’s underbelly, Batman has built a reputation for himself which has led to the Riddler calling him out – and potentially setting targets on him.

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It’s after that scene, at about the 1:01 mark, that a voice can be heard saying, “You’re becoming quite a celebrity. Why’s he writing to you?” The character talking doesn’t appear in the trailer, but the voice certainly belongs to Andy Serkis, who plays Alfred Pennyworth in The Batman. What’s likely is that Alfred and Bruce Wayne are discussing the Riddler’s message after Batman receives it, and so the butler is, of course, asking the obvious question many viewers would be wondering: Why is the Riddler after Batman?

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Shortly after this scene, another voice can be overheard in the trailer, saying, “If you are justice, please do not lie. What is the price for your blind eye?” Although the voice is muffled and distorted slightly, it belongs to the Riddler, who’s played by Paul Dano in Reeves’ film. One of the most talked-about things regarding The Batman has been its many villains. It’s a risk for the first movie in a new trilogy to include so many supervillains, since it’ll also have to introduce a new iteration of the Dark Knight, but regardless of that fact, there has to be the main villain leading the rest. It’s widely believed – and somewhat proven by this trailer – that the main villain is in fact the Riddler.

Other than Alfred Pennyworth and the Riddler, other people speak in the trailer as well – particularly Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon and Robert Pattinson’s Batman (giving viewers a taste of his Batman voice) – but they all appear on-screen while speaking whereas Alfred doesn’t at all; Riddler, on the other hand, is seen at the start of the trailer, and only for a brief second while talking towards the end. Of course, he looks more like Hush rather than the traditional version of the Riddler, but Reeves is trying to do something different with The Batman.

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