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Big Brother 22: Julie Chen Thinks Memphis Garrett Hurt His Game As HOH

Big Brother 22: Julie Chen Thinks Memphis Garrett Hurt His Game As HOH

Big Brother 22 Julie Chen Thinks Memphis Garrett Hurt His

Julie Chen thinks that Memphis Garrett’s first time as Head of Household might have ruined his overall game on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. Memphis first competed on Big Brother 10, where he formed the Renegades alliance alongside Dan Gheesling. Ultimately, this agreement took Memphis and Dan all the way to Final 2. Along the way, however, Memphis was not known for winning HOH competitions. In the end, it was Dan who took home the $500,000 grand prize in a 7-0 jury vote against Memphis.

In order to get to the end of Big Brother 10, Memphis had to betray some of his alliance members. He also survived four nominations and won three Power of Veto competitions, which definitely helped his game as well. Many years later, Memphis was cast on the second-ever Big Brother: All-Stars. This time around, he came in with the mission statement of proving himself as a powerful player without Dan’s help. As far as competitions go, Memphis has certainly brought his A-game. So much so that he won the season’s second HOH competition… and then won the POV competition that week, too. However, some people aren’t sure that Memphis’ HOH reign was entirely helpful to his game.

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During an interview with EW, Julie Chen revealed that she was “baffled” by Memphis Garrett’s week as Head of Household. Julie recalled that Memphis made it to Final 2 on BB10 because he “had a strong partner in Dan Gheesling.” However, he had previously never experienced being HOH on the show, and Julie isn’t sure that he did well on his first time. Specifically, Julie doesn’t think that going after David and Nicole Anthony was the right move for Memphis. Ultimately, Julie thinks that Memphis’ inexperience with being HOH has certainly shown during his first reign on All-Stars.

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It is certainly true that Memphis positioned himself as a wildcard inside the BB22 house. Not only did he leave old friends like Janelle and Kaysa uninformed, but he also blindsided even his alliance members like Cody and Daniele. At this point, it is hard for the fans to gauge whether Memphis’ HOH reign made him a stronger or weaker player. With that said, it is certain that most of the Big Brother: All-Stars houseguests don’t feel like they can trust Memphis entirely.

Julie Chen has hosted Big Brother for 22 seasons, so her statements regarding gameplay are always noteworthy and well-informed. If she’s confused by Memphis’ decisions, this is probably not a great sign for his All-Stars journey. Nonetheless, fans are always asked to “expect the unexpected” from the show.

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Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8pm EST on CBS.

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