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Titans Season 3: Scarecrow & Barbara Gordon Confirmed

Titans Season 3: Scarecrow & Barbara Gordon Confirmed

Titans Season 3 Scarecrow amp Barbara Gordon Confirmed

Titans season 3 is officially introducing Barbara Gordon as well as evolving Jason Todd from Robin to Red Hood. The second season took the DC Universe drama to the next level as the series fleshed out its cast with new characters as well as progress the arcs of the original main players. Dick Grayson officially left his title as Robin behind him for good as the season finale saw his transformation into Nightwing. Titans season 2 also focused heavily on Starfire and her complicated battle with her villainous sister Blackfire, who will be a series regular in the next season.

While the new season was originally set to come out this fall, the Coronavirus pandemic caused production to be delayed. As the scripts have been written, filming is looking to start sometime this fall as new safety guidelines are beginning to allow several TV shows to resume production. While most of the DC TV shows were moved to September for DC FanDome, Titans were one of the shows to still air their panel as part of the Hall of Heroes coverage.

During their panel, it was announced that Barbara Gordon will be making her debut in Titans season 3, but as the commissioner of GCPD. A villain is also making it into the series from Batman’s rogue’s gallery as Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. Scarecrow, was also announced to appear. The introduction of the characters comes into play as the team will be heading to Gotham City in Titans season 3.

More info to come…

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