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Eliza Limehouse Says She’s Done With Southern Charm

Southern Charm Eliza

I’m not gonna lie, I forgot that Eliza Limehouse was a cast member on Southern Charm last season. She came on strong at the very beginning with her ratty extensions and her drunken digs at Kathryn Dennis. Then, she pretty much just disappeared.

I, mean she was there, at the cast member parties and on cast trips, but she got pretty much no screen time (other than being in the background) and she basically had no storyline.

Eliza could have just disappeared from Southern Charm unnoticed, but instead, she decided to release a statement to People, “It’s been a thrill to be part of Southern Charm, but with a wedding to plan on top of my busy work life, it’s best for me to focus on what’s next.” Good for her, but I feel like she was barely a cast member. Why even announce this? Then, again I’m writing it up, so there’s that.

Eliza said, “I walk away from my reality TV ride with positive feelings, and no regrets. I’m grateful for the experience, for the friendships I made along the way, and for loyal fans who have been so supportive and kind.” Eliza has fans? Will the Eliza Limehouse fans please stand up? I feel like I got more screentime on Southern Charm than she did and I was just watching the show from the comfort of my own couch at home.


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Eliza concluded, “I can’t wait to marry the love of my life Struthers, spend more time with my horses and start this exciting new chapter.”


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Oh, well. Another one bites the dust. Cameran Eubanks quit the show before those affair allegations against her husband became a thing. Naomie Olindo claims that she quit the show, which I find hard to believe. Chelsea Meissner will not be on the next season either. What’s one more person missing from the cast at this point? It’s really not going to make a difference.

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