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The Vampire Diaries: The Main Characters' Endings, Ranked

The Vampire Diaries: The Main Characters' Endings, Ranked

From 2009 to 2017, the world had the pleasure of watching The Vampire Diaries books be adapted to the screen. For eight consecutive seasons, the viewers loved watching the Salvatore brothers go head-to-head with some powerful entities. They also loved watching the friendships between the Mystic Falls gang blossom, especially the ones they least expected.

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However, as the years went on, the show’s popularity began to decrease as core cast members made their exit. As a result, the writers decided to end the show in its eighth season. Although some were a little disappointed with the news, fans couldn’t wait to see how their favorite characters’ arcs would finish. But did the ending live up to expectations?

10 Stefan Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries The Main Characters039 Endings Ranked

Out of all the characters on the show, golden boy Stefan Salvatore had the most disappointing ending. For years, the viewers watched as Stefan selflessly put other people’s needs ahead of his own (mostly Elena and Damon’s). He also wouldn’t hesitate to put his life on the line if it meant protecting his family and friends.

In season 8, it looked as if the writers would finally grant him a happy ending when he and Caroline tied the knot. However, the marital bliss didn’t last very long, as Stefan sacrificed himself 24 hours later to save Mystic Falls. He gave up his life so Damon could live his. As a result, he had to wait for a lifetime to be reunited with them. It was terrible.

9 Katherine Pierce

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One character’s arc the fans haven’t forgiven the writers for ruining was Katherine’s. When it came to Katherine, many fans enjoyed her character development. When she was first introduced, Katherine was presented as this bloodsucking, selfish monster. However, the viewers did sympathize with her when they saw her backstory and the torment she faced at the hands of Klaus.

Over time, Katherine also proved to be an asset to the gang, saving their lives a few times. When Katherine was about to die in the hundredth episode, fans were satisfied with this conclusion. Yet, they had to ruin her arc with the whole ‘body-swapping’ and ‘Queen of Hell’ plots. They overused her character too much.

8 Enzo

The Vampire Diaries The Main Characters039 Endings Ranked

Another character that deserved a better ending to the one they got was Enzo. Although Enzo didn’t exactly give off the best first impression, he managed to worm his way into the fans’ hearts when he became Bonnie’s protector and boyfriend. For most of Enzo’s life, he experienced a lot of tragedy.

He was tortured, betrayed by his best friend, and suffered a tremendous amount of heartbreak. Yet, he did seem to find genuine happiness with Bonnie, which brought out a soft and gentle side to the vampire. However, his happiness didn’t last long, as Enzo was soon killed by Stefan. The only positive fans took is that he is always with her in the spirit world.

7 Jeremy Gilbert

1596964469 739 The Vampire Diaries The Main Characters039 Endings Ranked

Like most characters on the show, Jeremy isn’t a stranger to tragedy. He lost his parents, his aunt, his sister, and many girlfriends over the years. It was a constant cycle of grief and pain. However, Jeremy soon channeled these emotions into his training, where he eventually became a supernatural hunter.

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While Jeremy made his exit from the show to go hunt vampires in Santa Fe, the epilogue revealed that Jeremy returned and became a teacher at The Salvatore Boarding School. Although not much is known about his life, he did seem happy.

6 Bonnie Bennett

1596964469 65 The Vampire Diaries The Main Characters039 Endings Ranked

Most people will agree that Bonnie is a character who deserved the world…and that’s what she got in the end. For eight seasons, fans watched as she was put through the wringer. She lost her grandmother, watched her father and boyfriend get murdered, and constantly put her life on the line for the sake of her friends.

Bonnie was even tortured and tormented by some of the worst supernatural entities. However, after saving the world for the millionth time in the finale, fans were completely delighted to see her get out of the town and start exploring the world. If anyone deserved a break, it was her.

5 Caroline Forbes

1596964469 253 The Vampire Diaries The Main Characters039 Endings Ranked

Although fans were not happy that her marriage to Stefan was cut short, Caroline did find some semblance of happiness in the end. After Stefan sacrificed himself to save Mystic Falls, Caroline joined Alaric and opened the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted.

She also continued to help Alaric raise Josie and Lizzie. It seemed like a reunion for Klaus and Caroline was in the cards as well, as the original vampire sent her a letter implying they would meet again sometime in the future. It wasn’t a perfect ending, but fans were still satisfied.

4 Alaric Saltzman

1596964470 218 The Vampire Diaries The Main Characters039 Endings Ranked

Alaric was another character who got somewhat of a happy ending. Although he suffered a lot of heartbreak in the romance department, Alaric found happiness with his family. After Stefan prevented Mystic Falls from being destroyed, Alaric returned to the town with his twin daughters.

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Here, he opened up the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted, where he resides as the headmaster. Not much else is revealed about his life, but that’s mostly because fans can still see his adventures on Legacies.

3 Matt Donovan

1596964470 418 The Vampire Diaries The Main Characters039 Endings Ranked

In the last few seasons of the show, Matt was another character who was put through the wringer. After his fiancée died and he got sick of fighting the war between the supernatural and humans, the viewers saw Matt leave town to start afresh.

However, in the season finale, it was revealed that Matt would come back to Mystic Falls and retained his position as sheriff. He also revealed that he was planning on running for mayor – which Alaric admits he successfully managed to do in Legacies. Matt also managed to rebuild his relationship with his father.

2 Damon Salvatore

1596964470 717 The Vampire Diaries The Main Characters039 Endings Ranked

Although Damon lost his brother, he did manage to get a better ending than all the other characters. After Stefan sacrificed himself, Damon was shocked to see that Elena was awake from her coma. Now that he was human, Damon had the chance to spend the rest of his life with her and eventually became her husband.

While the epilogue doesn’t reveal much about Damon’s life, it is implied that he had a long and happy life with Elena. After he dies, he eventually reunited with Stefan, where they found peace together. In Legacies, the writers have revealed that Damon and Elena also had a daughter – Stefanie Salvatore. Overall, a satisfying ending.

1 Elena Gilbert

1596964470 663 The Vampire Diaries The Main Characters039 Endings Ranked

Out of all the characters, Elena was the one who got the best ending. After she was woken from her sleep, the writers gave a detailed account of her life. Not only did she marry Damon and have a daughter with him but she also managed to go back to medical school and become a full-fledged doctor.

While she lived a long life with Damon, the two didn’t find peace together. Instead, the writers decided to reunite Elena with her parents, Jenna, and John. After all the years of suffering and pain, Elena was forever happy.

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