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Stranger Things' Greatest Hero Is One Fans Will Never Meet

Stranger Things' Greatest Hero Is One Fans Will Never Meet

Stranger Things039 Greatest Hero Is One Fans Will Never Meet

Netflix’s Stranger Things is one of the most popular shows on the streaming service and one of the reasons behind its growing popularity is because of Hawkins’ heroes. But Hawkins’ greatest hero is one fans will never get the chance to see on the show.

There are numerous heroes who dwell in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, protecting the town from the terrors of the Upside Down and the nefarious activities of both the United States and Russian governments. But one of the town’s most prominent saviors is Eleven – a young girl who escapes from Hawkins National Laboratory and has psychokinetic abilities. A reason she became a fan favorite is her ceaseless love for her family and friends, as well as her resilience. As a result of the pain and horror she experiences during the experiments she undergoes at Hawkins Lab and her inability to be seen in public, there are plenty of moments where viewers feel bad for her. But she is not the only Stranger Things character that fans should be feeling bad for.

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Jody Houser, Edgar Salazar, Keith Champagne, Marissa Louise, and Nate Piekos’s graphic novel Stranger Things: Six follows a girl named Francine – a.k.a. Six – who undergoes Dr. Brenner’s numerous experiments to develop her precognition abilities, kind of making her one of Eleven’s sisters. Although she never gets a chance to meet Eleven, she does have a chance to meet Three, a.k.a. Ricky; Nine, a.k.a Jamie; and Nine-Point-Five, a.k.a Marcy. Throughout her life, Francine faces adversity as both her family and Dr. Brenner constantly push her to develop her powers because they believe she may be able to save someone’s life. Though it’s pretty clear they just want to manipulate her and her abilities.

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While witnessing Jamie undergo an experiment to develop her pyrokinetic powers, Francine has a vision of her fellow test experiment pushing herself too far and bleeding. To Francine’s surprise, the vision comes true and Jamie almost dies during the trial. After witnessing this, and while Jane’s mother attempts to save her, Francine flees from the facility with Ricky and Marcy.

When they nearly escape Hawkins Lab, Francine has a vision of a guard shooting Ricky. To save Ricky from being shot, she sacrifices herself by standing in front of him after the guard fires his handgun, taking a bullet for her fellow guinea pig. It’s a somber and heroic moment that should not be forgotten and which gives Ricky and Marcy a chance to escape.

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After being shot, Francine bleeds out on the parking lot asphalt of Hawkins Lab. Soon, Dr. Brenner arrives and stands over Francine as she breathes her last breath of air and says, “I changed it… what… what I saw…” As she says this, she bloodily smiles at Dr. Brenner because she finally uses her powers for good and makes the ultimate sacrifice… her life. In her last moments, she’s basically gloating to rub in Brenner’s face the fact that she essentially changed the future.

Because Francine dies at the end of the graphic novel, she will most likely never appear in the Stranger Things series. But if Ricky, Jamie, or Marcy appear in Season 4 or a future season; hopefully, they will tell the tale of her heroism.

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