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Love On the Spectrum: Michael & the Cast Talk About Life After the Show

Love On the Spectrum: Michael & the Cast Talk About Life After the Show

Love On the Spectrum Michael amp the Cast Talk About

Many will agree that Love on the Spectrum is greater than any other dating show. It’s wholesome, comforting, binge-worthy, and most importantly, real. The Netflix show that followed singles on the autism spectrum in their search for love made its viewers fall for their lovely stories. Be it Michael’s search for his queen or Mark’s affection for dinosaurs, Love on the Spectrum delivered authenticity. Since then, a lot of fans have been curious. They want to know more about their favorite participants… and the cutest cast ever has finally spoken!

If Netflix took a traditional approach to dating via the popular series, Indian Matchmaking, the streaming platform showcased love in its most unadulterated form with Love on the Spectrum. The five-part Australian docuseries showed the challenges a young adult on the autism spectrum faces when it comes to finding a partner. Stories are presented with a sensitive (and unintentionally educational) approach. It’s said that love sees no difference and that love is a language that’s spoken by all. Love on the Spectrum defined this idea with the heart-warming stories of Michael, Mark, Chloe, Olivia, Kelvin, Andrew, Ruth, Thomas, Jimmy, and Sharnae. After finishing the five episodes, fans wanted more. They also demanded answers about the cast members. Viewers wanted to know some important things, such as whether the singles find love and/or get married…especially fan fave, Michael, who was searching for the queen of his heart. Thankfully, Netflix tried to answer all these questions through a catch-up with the Love on the Spectrum cast.

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All of Love on the Spectrum’s participants took turns sharing life updates and tidbits of their journey on the show, through a video on Netflix’s YouTube channel. 25-year-old Michael was “sick to death of being single” when he was introduced on the reality show. Today, he wants to pursue a career in voice acting and even showed his adorable attempt at ventriloquism, using his hands as puppets. He said how he spends “pretty much most of my time at home watching television or doing acting in my bedroom,” and that his favorite moment on the show was meeting Dawn Wells at Supernova. For all his lady admirers out there, the answer is yes, Michael is still single and is even on a dating app! “If my future wife is watching this right now I will happily tell her this – she’ll be in for a happy, healthy marriage,” Michael confessed. He goes on to share his goals for the future. “Buying a house, getting a cat, becoming a husband, becoming independently wealthy and establishing myself a voice acting career,” added the Netflix star. Michael thinks love makes you feel “like you have a purpose in life.

Chloe, 19, spoke about moving out to stay together with her friend Brodie… and looking for her dream job as a sign language interpreter. Chloe didn’t differentiate between genders on Love on the Spectrum, and still thinks that her date with Lotus was “one of the best moments” of her life. She too is waiting for someone she could share a special connection with. 25-year-old Olivia has come out as bisexual and is open to dating girls. She wants to date a creative person. Her biggest dream now is to become a successful actress, as she continues to work with her theatre company. Olivia thinks that love is “complicated” and another Love on the Spectrum participant, Maddi, 23, agrees. Having just started a new job at a doggy daycare, Maddi’s favorite memory from the show was her asking Mark to “dine and dash” at their Valentines’ Day date. She wants to join driving school soon and shared how the dating show was a completely new experience for her.

Love on the Spectrum’s blue-eyed boy Mark, 29, has been “been doing movies and book reviews on Facebook sometimes which is pretty exciting.” Going to the museum, being at the zoo, and having dinner out were the “magical times” from the show for him.. and he too feels that love is something worth fighting for. “It hasn’t been easy but from where I am right now, I’d say I’ve done extremely well and everyone’s proud of me for how far I’ve come,” added Mark, who thinks that Love on the Spectrum has taught him about “things that you should and should not do on a date.

Andrew, 27, wanted to start a new family and is thinking of attending more speed dating events in the future. He currently works as an administration support officer and feels that love is “like happiness – friendly and warm as well.

Drawing enthusiast, 20-year-old Kelvin described his experience as “a fun thing to do.” He dreams of working at Australia Post and wants to gain customer service experience “in a positive way.”

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Jimmy and Sharnae did not reveal if they got married, but Love on the Spectrum star Jimmy did speak about their idea of love. “I’m not really sure what love feels like but I assume it’s like what I feel all the time because when I’m with Sharnae,” added Jimmy. The couple that did find a happy ending is Ruth and Thomas, who recently tied the knot and are also staying in their dream house, right next to the railway station. “Safety,” is how Thomas described love and Ruth confessed that it does make her feel safe.

Love on the Spectrum season two is already in production and promises to return with a new set of love-seeking singles. There’s a whole new world of dating, relationships, and acceptance ahead. This Netflix show is all about heartfelt portrayals of love.

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All episodes of Love on the Spectrum are now available to stream on Netflix.

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