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Your Favorite PS3 Games Might Explode In Price Soon | Screen Rant

Your Favorite PS3 Games Might Explode In Price Soon | Screen Rant

Your Favorite PS3 Games Might Explode In Price Soon

It’s time for players to get their favorite PlayStation 3 games now, because their price is about to explode. The PS3 was the first PlayStation home console to offer digital downloads, making it the first time that there were fewer PlayStation discs in the world than total copies of PlayStation games sold. Sony stopped supporting the PS3 digitally in March 2019 after 13 years, and the console’s physical market is about to take a big turn.

The PS3 came out in 2006 and was deemed an immediate success, despite catching deserved flak for its small launch library. It’s sold millions of units all over the world, and its games were still being printed until 2017. It was home to several classics, from the original release of Grand Theft Auto V to most of the Uncharted series and The Last of Us, and Little Big Planet and Demon’s Souls certainly aren’t to be forgotten. The PS3 was also incredibly sturdy, whereas the original version of the Xbox 360 was notorious for burning itself out with the infamous “Red Ring of Death,” leaving far more pre-revision PS3s still out in the wild than its competitor.

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According to Ghetto Gamer, a massive price increase for PS3 games could be right around the corner. At the start of quarantine, there was a huge price raise on all PS2 games. Now if someone wanted to start or grow a PS2 collection, it would cost a small fortune, as everyone being stuck in their homes with little to do has supercharged the retro gaming market. People are still bored, so that market will not slow down until at least this pandemic is over and god knows how long that will be. If it continues like this, it will spread past PS2 games and into PS3 games. Especially as PS4 games get cheaper and PS3 games more expensive towards the start of the PlayStation 5’s life cycle, which always happens when a new console comes out.

Your Favorite PS3 Games Might Explode In Price Soon

PlayStation consoles live on for quite awhile after the start of a new generation, and the PS3 has proven no different. However, like its predecessor, its games are no longer being printed. Many of the kids who got PS3s back in 2006 are now adults with disposable income, a portion of those consumers will begin buying old PS3 games instead of investing in a new console without any nostalgia attached to it. This will ensure a price hike, meaning  right now is likely the cheapest that PS3 games will ever be. For those who just want to get some games for their own collection, this will probably be the best time to build a PS3 library without breaking the bank. Meanwhile, for those who want to flip PS3 games for profit, they’re buying now to sell high a few years down the line.

A lot of the popular games from that era of gaming have been or are going to be remastered, and the PS3 isn’t the last place to play them. However, for some of the smaller publisher gems, it will be. It must also be considered that fewer and fewer people are buying physical video games, so that leaves future collectors with less and less to look for. The newest consoles both had to confirm they would still have disc slots, whereas it would have been unthinkable for even the PlayStation 4 to be completely digital. Collecting games is a hobby that might be around in its current form forever, or it might just become a past time for the well-to-do in a few console generations’ time. All hobbies get more expensive the more deeply one dives into them, but this could be one of the final few good opportunities to try this one out cheaply.

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