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Halo Infinite Reactions Are Mixed At Best | Screen Rant

Halo Infinite Reactions Are Mixed At Best | Screen Rant

Halo Infinite Reactions Are Mixed At Best Screen Rant

343 Industries recently shared a first-look into Halo Infinite‘s campaign and reactions have been very mixed. While some fans are very much looking forward to the next installment in the Halo franchise, many are feeling disappointed with how the game looks so far. Given that the game is slated to come out in a few months, these responses will shape how successful Xbox’s flagship game will be.

The 8 minute long demo gave provided the most detailed look into Halo Infinite since its reveal back in 2018. Featuring new open-world systems, the title is set to focus a lot on exploration while taking a step back from a linear campaign storyline. Halo Infinite is set to be the largest Halo game to date and will include a bunch of new assets and environments for players to engage in. Unfortunately, these exciting features have been overshadows by outdated graphics and a demo some consider to be an absolute bore.

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For many, the Halo Infinite footage has only stirred up more excitement. The demo showed off a variety of new UNSC and Covenant weapons while introducing the new Grapple Shot mechanic. Given that the upcoming title is made to act as a “spiritual successor” to Halo Combat Evolved, there is a lot of nostalgia with how Halo Infinite looks and feels. The game appears phenomenal in motion and the vast environments make the game appear very cinematic. With the return of classic enemies like the Banished, the game will be picking up where the series left off, with the titular Master Chief protecting humanity against the Covenant. The game’s story is quite exciting and the demo promised a smooth, exploration driven, first-person shooter.

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Unfortunately, there is quite a large wave of disappointment that followed the demo’s release. The primary complaint for the title are the outdated, old-gen graphics. Halo Infinite currently looks like a title that would have been released back in 2001. 343 Industries proved they could make an aesthetically pleasing looking game with Halo 5 so many are confused and upset at the direction the studio has taken with their newest title. The Combat Evolved influences are clear, but 343 may have gone too far with their homage. Other fans have commented on how the Halo Infinite demo missed a large opportunity to explore more facets of the game. The trailer provided no look into split-screen or online multiplayer, even though the title is confirmed to have both. Furthermore, given how competitive Halo games are, 343 Industries could have teased a Battle Royale or referenced eSport capabilities.

According to IGN, Halo Infinite will release as a standalone title with intentions to expand upon it into the foreseeable future. So far, it’s been confirmed that additional story content will be added after the game’s launch to grow Halo Infinite‘s campaign. The inclusion of a free ray tracing update post release has also been confirmed by the studio. Ray tracing is a technique used to simulate realistic light rays by using complex algorithms which are then mapped onto the physical game space. This creates a realistic simulation of light. This confirmation was likely made in response to the overwhelming negativity Halo Infinite‘s graphics have received so far. It’s clear that 343 Industries has a lot in store for the title and are working to make it the best Halo game to date.

Halo Infinite is still a young game and the developer has already proven to be listening to fan critique. While the title’s demo launch has primarily fallen flat across the board, there is still a lot of potential for it to be successful. It’s important to note that the demo was recorded using an older build which doesn’t accurately reflect the finished product. Plus, games often receive last minute polishing during the months leading up to their release. With Halo Infinite set to drop during the 2020 holiday season, it will be interesting to see what 343 Industries has in store for the title.

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