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Has Harvey Dent Been Cured of Two-Face? | Screen Rant

Has Harvey Dent Been Cured of Two-Face? | Screen Rant

Has Harvey Dent Been Cured of Two Face Screen Rant

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Detective Comics #1024

Harvey Dent was once one of the best District Attorneys in Gotham City, often working alongside Batman and Commissioner James Gordon as Gotham’s holy trinity of justice for the city. Dent was the White Knight complimenting the Dark Knight. However, that all changed after his accident that scarred half of his face, instilling within him an insane and twisted perspective of justice, with his coin being the ultimate decider of judgment, regardless of its’ morality. He’s also recently become even more split in mind as well as body with two personalities, Dent and Two-Face, fighting for control. Even so, it’s possible that Batman may have just found a way to cure Harvey of Two-Face once and for all in Detective Comics #1024.

Thanks to his failed suicide attempt by shooting himself in the head, the bullet that lodged into his brain created the split personality, determining which personality is in control depending on which side of the brain the bullet shifts. This was all thanks to Joker, who saved Dent with help from Hugo Strange, allowing Joker to turn Dent into his pawn in a much larger game against Batman, a sort of prelude before the main event of the Joker War. Joker also used Mad Hatter to instill memory loss in Harvey, where one personality has no memory of what the other one does when it’s in control. For example, Dent knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman while Two-Face does not.

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When Batman learns all this, he explains the situation to Dent just before they become overrun by Talons unleashed by Joker to take them out. As a result, Dent teams up with Batman to take on the lethal agents of the Court of Owls. When the dust settles and all the Talons are dealt with, Batman immobilizes Two-Face, who had resurfaced and taken control of Harvey’s body in the aftermath. Batman then takes the opportunity to operate on Harvey’s head, hoping to cure him of Two-Face once and for all.

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Using the same tool Hugo Strange used to manipulate the bullet in the first place, it looks like Batman’s operation was successful, bringing his friend Dent back to the surface. Detective Comics #1024 ends with Dent behind bars in Blackgate Prison, but in control of his body, helping his fellow prisoners get fair legal deals as a jailhouse lawyer. Speaking with a criminal known as Matches Malone, the prisoner leaves Dent with a gift, a spent bullet, presumedly the same bullet that was in his head. Longtime Batman fans will remember that Matches Malone is a classic disguise used by the Dark Knight himself.

Is it possible that Two-Face is no more? The issue certainly seems to indicate that Harvey Dent has been cured, on the mend, and on his way to being a reformed criminal trying to do some good while still paying for his crimes. Will this change stick? Comics characters have a knack to sometimes revert back to their base personalities and motivations over time, no matter how big the status quo shift may be at the present. Who knows? Maybe this will stick where Two-Face is gone, and Dent remains. Fans will just have to wait and see as time goes on for Batman, Gotham City, and the DC Universe at large.

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