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Bill & Ted 3: William Sadler Sprained His Wrist On the First Day of Filming

Bill & Ted 3: William Sadler Sprained His Wrist On the First Day of Filming

Bill amp Ted 3 William Sadler Sprained His Wrist On

Bill & Ted Face the Music star William Sadler reveals he sprained his wrist while filming the upcoming movie. The film will continue the story of Theodore “Ted” Logan (Keanu Reeves) and William “Bill” S. Preston (Alex Winter), who are back to their time-traveling ways. However, unlike the first two films in the franchise, the third will feature Bill and Ted’s kids, played by Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine. Throughout the movie, the heroes will work to craft the perfect song to save all of humanity. Along the way, they’ll again encounter Sadler’s Grim Reaper, who appeared as the same character in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

That film was the most recent in the series but came out all the way back in 1991. That’s made for quite a gap between the second and third entries in the franchise and has also increased anticipation for Bill & Ted Face the Music. Just before this weekend’s Comic-Con@Home, Bill & Ted fans received a guarantee they’ll at least see the film soon. After moving it around August as a result of the coronavirus, Orion Pictures announced Bill & Ted Face the Music will release both theatrically and On Demand September 1. This should ease worries about theaters not opening in time for fans to check the movie out.

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The cast, writers, and director also appeared on their own Comic-Con@Home panel in order to promote the movie. At one point, moderator Kevin Smith asked each person about their favorite moment working on Bill & Ted Face the Music. Sadler shared a particular memorable anecdote from the film’s shoot:

The very first shot of the very first take of the very first scene that I did on Face the Music, I was supposed to be playing hopscotch by myself and cheating at it, and I tripped, and I caught myself, and I sprained my wrist, and I thought, ‘This is a disaster. I’m off to such a great start.’

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Despite this initial rough start, it seems it didn’t affect Sadler’s role in the movie. Director Dean Parisot even commended the actor, revealing he did the rest of his scenes with a swollen wrist. Injuries on movie and TV sets happen occasionally, and it sounds like it’s lucky Sadler was able to catch himself. It also must not have been too serious of an injury if he was able to complete his scenes. Many are looking forward to Sadler’s return to the franchise, so it’s good an accident didn’t derail that or, more importantly, seriously injure the actor.

When Bill & Ted Face the Music releases in September, it will be interesting to see how big of a role the Grim Reaper plays. Many other mysteries about the movie remain as well. Perhaps the biggest question is if it will be up to the standard of the first two films and satisfy longtime fans. With any luck, both the sequel and Sadler’s return as the Grim Reaper will be a success.

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