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New Girl: Schmidt’s 5 Best & 5 Worst Traits  | ScreenRant

New Girl: Schmidt’s 5 Best & 5 Worst Traits  | ScreenRant

One of the main characters, friends, significant others and roommates on the comedy TV show New Girl was Winston Saint-Marie Schmidt. Played by actor Max Greenfield, Schmidt went from an overweight outcast to a nicely dressed douchebag and onto a father who married the love of his life. 

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Throughout the series and his story, several of his strengths, weaknesses, interests, dislikes, and skills were shown off, as he navigated the ups and downs of life with his pals. And down below, his five best and his five worst personality traits are listed out, for fans to revisit and to remember. 

10 A Great Friend

New Girl Schmidts 5 Best amp 5 Worst Traits

Despite any and all flaws that will be mentioned on this list, Schmidt was a great friend. None of the main characters were perfect by any means, but they all cared for one another and supported one another. 

Schmidt, in particular, gave his input on outfits, offered up advice on varying topics and chose his buds even over glamorous individuals and events (usually).  

9 Though He Still Had To Use The D-Bag Jar

1595176897 341 New Girl Schmidts 5 Best amp 5 Worst Traits

While Nick, Coach, Winston, and Jess appreciated Schmidt being there for them, the douchebag jar did still exist; every time Schmidt said something gross or inappropriate or jerk-like, he had to put money into this special jar, which was created because of him and his ways!

8 Organized & Efficient

1595176897 990 New Girl Schmidts 5 Best amp 5 Worst Traits

Perhaps Schmidt’s biggest and best quality would be how organized he was. At home, when it came to how he thought, at work, in his day-to-day functions and beyond, Schmidt was very efficient and structured.

He took this further by decorating the loft, cooking for everyone, and deep cleaning the entire shared space, as he thought he was the only one who could do a good enough job and as he actually enjoyed all of these tasks.

7 Could Be A Bit Bossy & Anal

1595176898 521 New Girl Schmidts 5 Best amp 5 Worst Traits

While everyone knew that Schmidt would handle the cooking and cleaning and such, he could let this go to his head. He called himself the top dog of the loft, and his orderly ways and in-control attitude could definitely come across as bossy at times. 

Furthermore, he could be a bit anal, and the other characters teased him at times. There is being clean… and then there are obsessive behaviors. 

6 A Great Husband

1595176898 844 New Girl Schmidts 5 Best amp 5 Worst Traits

As soon as this man met Cece, he was in love. She was a model. She took control. And she just happened to be best friends with his new roomie. Fans and fellow characters wondered if these two would ever actually end up together, and they were, indeed, able to seal the deal.

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They complimented each other nicely, they lifted each other up, and Schmidt was a wonderful husband to Cece.

5 Though There Were Bumps In The Road

1595176898 101 New Girl Schmidts 5 Best amp 5 Worst Traits

It was not smooth sailing, though: Schmidt once dated Cece and another woman at the same time. Cece was once about to marry someone else. There was lying and cheating, and these two were sad to go their separate ways. 

It worked out in the end, but there were bumps in the road of love for Schmidt and Cece, for sure.

4 Stylish & Polished 

1595176898 278 New Girl Schmidts 5 Best amp 5 Worst Traits

Just as this character liked his home to be clean, tidy, and pretty, he also presented himself in a very stylish and polished way. He had a notebook full of photos of himself, so he could pick out his ensembles in the best way possible, and he also had quite the bathroom regime, with more products than all the other roommates combined.

The fact that Schmidt used to be overweight made him even more proud of how he looked when his story was told; he put thought and effort into it all, and he didn’t mind showing it off!

3 Could Be A Bit Vain & Selfish 

1595176898 946 New Girl Schmidts 5 Best amp 5 Worst Traits

There are limits, however, and lines that should not be crossed. Being proud of oneself is one thing, but Schmidt could cross over into vain territory. 

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Yes, another one of his flaws was his selfishness. He kind of thought too highly of himself and would cut others down (when it came to fashion and beauty, for instance), plus he took off his shirt way more than necessary.

2 A Great Dad

1595176899 419 New Girl Schmidts 5 Best amp 5 Worst Traits

As mentioned, this character was a great friend and a great spouse, but Winston Saint-Marie Schmidt was also a great father. At the beginning of the show, viewers may not have been able to picture him settling down, but he really wanted a family.

In the end, he had a daughter, Ruth, and a son, Moses, and he even became a stay-at-home dad. 

1 Though He Could Be Immature

1595176899 874 New Girl Schmidts 5 Best amp 5 Worst Traits

One of the reasons that it was a bit hard to imagine Schmidt with kids was because he could be immature himself. There were outbursts, there were times when he was rude, and there was the moment on this show when he tried to break up Nick and Jess, all while cheating on Cece.

Thankfully, he got his life together even more and got that happily ever after!

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