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Lisa Vanderpump Denies Being Unkind To Sarah Paulson
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Lisa Vanderpump Denies Being Unkind To Sarah Paulson

Lisa Vanderpump

The drama is nonstop for former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump. First, a good portion of her Vanderpump Rules cast were fired for racist behaviors. Then her restaurant Villa Blanca recently closed down, and her other restaurants are still shut down due to the coronavirus. Lisa should have kept SUR open for takeout; they would have made buckets of cash from fired Pump Rules cast member Stassi Schroeder drowning her sorrows in fried goat cheese balls. 

The drama does not end there, however. Last year, actress Sarah Paulson did an interview and commented on which Real Housewives show she would like to be a part of. For those who are curious, it was Real Housewives of New York. Sarah, there’s an open spot for you now that Tinsley Mortimer is gone! In that same interview, she also said she met Lisa once and she wasn’t that nice to her. Ouch! Well, Sarah recently mentioned her story about Lisa again, and this time Lisa took to Twitter to sound off about it.

Sarah’s story about Lisa got brought up during an episode of Watch What Happens Live, when Andy Cohen asked her about the interview she did last year commenting on Lisa being unfriendly. Andy just loves to stir the pot! I guess this is good practice for Sarah if she ever decides to join RHONY. 

In response, Lisa posted on Twitter, “Apparently @MsSarahPaulson you are in a picture with me holding my precious lil giggy, I rarely let anybody hold him as he is so delicate, you must be friendly with one of those mean girls. I have no reason to be anything but kind to you.” 


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In that same tweet, Lisa also included a photo of her smiling next to a joyful Sarah holding Giggy. It’s such a cute photo! Who could imagine so much drama happening after that picture was taken? Both Lisa and Sarah look pretty happy in it to me.

Not everyone bought what Lisa had to say, however. A person tweeted, “Gurl drop it oh my god. “I have no reason to be anything but kind to you” right BUT you replied to hate comments about Sarah with love hearts. Doesn’t seem too nice to me.” To which Lisa replied, “I never brought it up.”


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Lisa did have some people in her corner. A fan observed, “GIRLLL NOT AGAIN.” Lisa agreed and wrote, “Apparently so..maybe not much going on lol.”

Another tweeter wrote, “Rise above it queen LVP xx.” Lisa tweeted back, “I did once but she keeps coming for me trying to create something.” The same person responded, “Jealousy is a very powerful emotion, but haters will always hate. Walk away with your head held high and continue being as fabulous a ever x.” Lisa then wrote back, “True.” A Twitter user clapped back, “Trust me NO ONE is jealous of you hunny.” Eesh, Twitter can be so brutal sometimes.


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Another shared their thoughts on Sarah, “She needs to make peace with the fact that she was not very important that night.” Lisa both agreed and disagreed. She responded, “True dat, but important enough to hold the gigster lol.” Hey, can’t argue with that. As a pet owner myself, I don’t let just anyone hold my dog either. 

A fan tweeted, “It’s strange how she keeps talking about this. Maybe you didn’t fawn over her and she’s put out? You certainly look friendly in that pic.” Lisa wrote, “ Yep I don’t know what she is talking about…I would never be laughing and giving giggy to someone if wasn’t totally ok with them. People are so unnecessarily mean.”


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Another fan agreed and tweeted, “Sarah’s quite upset that you didn’t know who she was!” Lisa tweeted back, “I probably didn’t..is that important lol?” I take it Lisa is not a fan of American Horror Story?

It would be interesting to hear more of Sarah’s side of the story. Right now all we know is Sarah said Lisa was mean and a there is a photo of the two of them smiling together. I really believe that Lisa and Sarah could talk this out and resolve the matter. And if they do, let’s hope they have a conversation over the phone, and keep it off of Twitter.


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