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Unsolved Mysteries' 13 Minutes: Every Update About Patrice Endres

Unsolved Mysteries' 13 Minutes: Every Update About Patrice Endres

Unsolved Mysteries039 13 Minutes Every Update About Patrice Endres

The Unsolved Mysteries episode “13 Minutes” documents the 2004 disappearance of Patrice Endres. The episode has inspired various theories about the victim’s second husband, Rob Endres, but most are based on speculation rather than concrete evidence. Here’s a case update for the second episode of the Netflix reboot.

Endres disappeared on April 15, 2004 while working at a Georgia hair salon. Unsolved Mysterious reveals that she had a brief phone conversation at 11:35 a.m. but then missed a call 15 minutes later. “13 Minutes” explores what might’ve happened during the titular time frame, as two witnesses both spotted a blue vehicle parked at Endres’ workplace. Six-hundred days after the disappearance, Endres’ skull was found near a church in Dawson County, Georgia. The Unsolved Mysteries episode features interviews with the subject’s son, Pistol Black, the aforementioned Rob Endres, and various law enforcement officers who discuss possible suspects.

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The editing of Unsolved Mysteries seemingly implies that Rob Endres killed Patrice, and viewers have been vocal online about the man’s demeanor and statements. For example, Rob Endres reveals that he slept with his wife’s ashes for approximately one year, describing the remains as his “teddy bear.” He also discusses having Patrice’s bones reassembled on a table, just so that he could have a look. Rob Endres even deflects suspicion by acknowledging his degree in criminology, but the interviewee’s overall tone (and scathing comments about Pistol Black) have made streamers question his motivations. In the Netflix docuseries, however, a Forsyth County investigator rules him out as a suspect.

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Aside from online rumors about Rob Endres, there haven’t been any significant case developments since “13 Minutes” first aired on July 1, 2020. Then again, Unsolved Mysteries shows that investigators are keen on protecting “guilty knowledge information” or details that only someone associated with the crime would be familiar with. Because the Netflix docuseries reboot released just two weeks ago, investigators are presumably busy sorting through all the tips. After all, there have been various false confessions over the years, and even a recanted confession from serial killer Jeremy Jones.

Investigators in Unsolved Mysterious believe that Jones may be an accomplice in Patrice Endres’ death. He initially claimed responsibility for the murder and stated that he dropped the body in Sweetwater Creek. “13 Minutes” also shows that Jones has “guilty knowledge information” about the case. As of now, though, the convicted killer remains on death row, and Rob Endres is innocent until legit evidence links him to his wife’s death. Unsolved Mysteries filmmakers have noted that they didn’t intend to frame Rob Endres as the most logical suspect.

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