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Monster Hunter’s Most Unusual Weapons, From Swordfish To Pizza Swords

Monster Hunter’s Most Unusual Weapons, From Swordfish To Pizza Swords

Monster Hunters Most Unusual Weapons From Swordfish To Pizza Swords

The weapons in the Monster Hunter games are some of the most easily recognizable aspects of the series, allowing players to customize their combat experiences. These often threatening looking items are sure to be valuable in any monster fight. However, Capcom has released a couple of more unusual weapons which look more comical than intimating when charging into battle.

There are officially 18 unique weapon types in the Monster Hunter universe, 14 of which are available in the new Monster Hunter: World title. These weapons are then further broken down into two overarching categories: melee and ranged. Weapons can often either be purchased through in-game merchants or, as most players prefer, can be crafted by acquiring different monster parts. There is often one distinct weapon design per weapon per monster players can encounter in every game. However, there are several weapons which look nothing like the material they are smelted from.

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The melee weapons category is really where much of the oddities in Monster Hunter design can be found. In fact, there are a surprising number of Dual Blades which replace their lethal sharp edges with a variety of unorthodox items. In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, players have the ability to craft a pair of Felyne and Melynx plushies. These adorable dolls sit on two sticks of Dragonwood and are wielded as traditional Dual Blades. For Hammer players who prefer something more soft and cuddly as well, they have the option to craft what is essentially a gigantic teddy bear. While the weapon deals minimal damage, it does have a decent Sleep attribute.

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For something a little bit more hardy, the Ham of Hams is the way to go. This weapon is built using Hard Monster Bone and 10 Gourmet steaks, and has a lethal 1,196 attack value. Swung around like a Hammer, this gigantic ham is sure to be deadly on the field (and delicious too). On the cooking note, Dual Blade players can pick up a Spatula Set, featuring a gigantic monster sized spatula and ladle. This unique set of kitchen wear is said to be able to easily flip even the biggest of wyverns. And, what better weapon to have in the kitchen than a One Star Silver Pot? While the Dual Blades player is flipping the monster about, the Hammer player can pull out their gigantic cooking pot, ready to turn an ordinary monster into an absolute delicacy.

Should fresh wyvern not be of interest, Capcom had a unique collaboration with Pizza Hut back in 2007. For a limited time, players who placed walk-in orders at the pizza chain would be able to receive the Pizza Peel Longsword. This weapon turns any hunter into a professional baker, featuring a peel and freshly baked pizza at the end of it. Alternatively, players can wield either a Frozen Tuna Greatsword or a Swordfish Bow should a situation get a little fishy. After a hardy meal, Sword and Shield players can pull out their trusty Vacuum Striker. This set contains a larger-than-life plunger as the sword and a light brown toilet lid as the shield. Lore stipulates that this legendary weapon set used to belong to a female hunter often called “The Janitor“.

The franchise has had its fair share of strange weapons over the years and it will be interesting to see whether any new oddities will be introduced in Monster Hunter: World. Seeing as armor like the Wiggler Helmet have been added already, there’s a strong possibility for a few more more strange weapons. If items like corn and a parasol can receive a Monster Hunter makeover, anything can likely be classified as a weapon in this universe.

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