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Kyle Richards Is Frustrated With Denise Richards Walking Away; Says Denise Is “Not Really Being Authentic About Who She Was Or How She Felt”

Kyle Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RHOBH

Somehow Denise Richards and her husband, Aaron Phypers, have managed to annoy or alienate most of their fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars. And this is before the alleged romantic encounter between Brandi Glanville and Denise is exposed. So far this season, there is one situation that is driving the ladies crazy, and that is Denise walking away when her co-stars are trying to resolve an issue.

Denise was upset at her pizza party that her loud-mouthed RHOBH co-stars were discussing threesomes in front of Denise’s kids and their friends. Not classy, ladies.

When Denise didn’t bring her kids to Kyle Richards’  barbecue because she didn’t want them within earshot of  her co-stars, Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp slammed Denise and accused her of mom-shaming them. Aaron defended his wife, but the other ladies didn’t appreciate his condescending tone, or the way he said ladies.” 

Then the couple attended an event given by newbie Sutton Stracke. When the RHOBH cast members tried to talk to Denise, she insisted that she was fine before she and Aaron hastily left again. None of the ladies like it when a man inserts himself in the drama. It never ends well.


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Kyle appeared on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show and explained just how frustrating it is to try and talk to Denise before she runs off. (Warning-there is some rough grammar ahead.)

“It’s very unsettling when you have an issue and someone shows up and their like, ‘Hi’…because it just doesn’t feel genuine and authentic. Like you aren’t talking to any of us. You walked out,” Kyle said.


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“It would be nice if she hung around awhile so that we could work through these things, but instead we got this…sort of, ‘Everything’s fine’ and you know, ‘Everything’s perfect’ and not really being authentic about who she was or how she felt,” Kyle explained.

Like if we’re going to build a friendship, you know like the five of us girls…you know, I should say ladies,” the “OG” Housewife stated. “The five of us ladies have built, you know… you have to work through those bumps.”


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Kyle added, “Ummm…we never got to deal with anything because she would always run off. So, it was like, okay, well, let’s talk about, you know…how you really feel.” Good luck with that one, Kyle!

“Like, we’re all dealing with the stuff that’s going on in the group, and it’s frustrating to me that just, if she doesn’t like something, she’s just going to like put in her two cents and get out,” Kyle stated. “So, it’s frustrating for me.”


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