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Kissing Game Cast Guide: What Else The Actors Have Been In

Kissing Game Cast Guide: What Else The Actors Have Been In

Kissing Game Cast Guide What Else The Actors Have Been

Who’s on the Kissing Game cast, and what other movies and TV shows have the actors been in? Created by Esmir Filho, the Brazilian Netflix series focuses on a group of teenagers who investigate the mysterious illness of a classmate.

In Kissing Game season 1, trouble begins when various students attend a party at a forbidden club called Corpus_Medius. The following morning, a student named Bel becomes severely ill and cries while her lips turn purple. Meanwhile, her best friend, Fran, watches in horror and slowly connects the dots once another student becomes sick. Unfortunately for Fran and her inner circle, their stern principal will do anything to find out what happened at Corpus_Medius. Naturally, the Modelo High students try to cover up their collective drug use and smooching until they figure out who they can trust.

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Kissing Game season 1 doesn’t have one definitive mainstream star in the main cast, but rather a collection of up-and-coming performers like the popular Spanish series Elite. And while Kissing Game‘s supporting cast may also not include familiar pop culture names, it does feature highly-accomplished performers who are well-known in their native countries.

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Luana Nastas as Isabel aka Bel: The first Modelo High student to get sick. Luana Nastas portrayed Beatriz in Vazante.

Iza Moreira as Fran: Bel’s best friend. Kissing Game on Netflix marks the TV debut for Iza Moreira.

Michel Joelsas as Francisco aka Chico: A Modelo High student. Michel Joelsas portrayed Mauro in The Year My Parents Went on Vacation and Fabinho in The Second Mother.

Denise Fraga as Guiomar: The Modelo High principal. Denise Fraga portrayed Helena in Por Trás do Pano and Vera in Hoje.

Caio Horowicz as Alex: A Modelo High student. Caio Horowicz portrayed Marcello Camargo Capuano in Hebe and JM in Califórnia.

Esther Tinman as Manu: A Modelo High student. Kissing Game marks the TV debut for Esther Tinman

Thomas Aquino as Maurilio: A Progresso man that Chico meets online. Thomas Aquino portrayed Pacote/Acácio in Bacurau and Renan in 3%.

Flávio Tolezani as Thomas: A Model High employee. Flávio Tolezani portrayed Vinícius Gomes in The Other Side of Paradise and Araújo in The Good Side of Life!

Kevin Vechiatto as TBA: Kevin Vechiatto portrayed Cebolinha in Turma da Mônica: Laços and Julinho in Omniscient.

Grace Passô as TBA: Fran’s mother. Grace Passô portrayed Glória in Praça Paris and Juliana in Long Way Home.

Bianca Byington as TBA: Bianca Byington portrayed Bárbara in Tormenta and Diana in Garota Dourada.

Bimbo Ademoye as TBA: Bimbo Ademoye portrayed Bola Sugar in Sugar Rush.

Deyemi Okanlawon as TBA: Deyemi Okanlawon portrayed Dare in Yankee Hustle and Detective Sambo Thirty Pieces of Silver.

Maurice Sam as TBA: Maurice Sam portrayed BJ in On the Real.

Pearl Watts as TBA: Kissing Game marks the TV debut for Pearl Watts.

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