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Avengers Heroes Added To Agents of SHIELD Is The MCU Crossover We Want

Avengers Heroes Added To Agents of SHIELD Is The MCU Crossover We Want

Avengers Heroes Added To Agents of SHIELD Is The MCU

The Avengers join Agents of SHIELD in this dream Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover. Agents of SHIELD was created in 2013 as the first television show set within the MCU, and the first few episodes were quick to tout their connections. The show itself centered on the resurrected Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) from the movies, Samuel L. Jackson had a brief cameo as Nick Fury, and Agents of SHIELD managed to reference the events of the movies, especially in the case of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, as the show went on, it moved away from the films of the MCU.

At the same time, the movies have continued to distance themselves from the various television shows created within their world. While Marvel likes to claim that everything is connected, the television side has remained steadfastly separate from the films. That’s going to change later this year, though, with the arrival of Marvel’s first Disney+ shows. Starting with The Falcon and the Winter Soldierthe MCU will have a new batch of television shows that directly connect to the films. In other words, they will do what fans once thought Agents of SHIELD would.

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Still, there are many who would love to see the Avengers join forces with those at SHIELD, and evidently those who work on Agents of SHIELD feel the same way. James C. Oliver, who served as a writer on Agents of SHIELD, shared some photos on social media that were created with an app that places the Avengers into different locations. Oliver managed to snag a few while on Agents of SHIELD‘s set, so fans can finally see what Captain America, Iron Man, and others would look like on the Zephyr. Check out his post in the space below.

Agents of SHIELD’s seventh and final season has managed to tie into the MCU once more through its time travel storyline, which has seen Coulson and the others visit various years in history. Most notably, this season’s interference with past events has led to Hydra developing Project Insight from The Winter Soldier years earlier than anticipated, forcing the team to do what Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) once did and take it down. With five episodes left in the season, it remains to be seen what additional tie-ins might lie ahead, but it probably won’t involve any of the characters included in Oliver’s makeshift crossover.

Beyond Agents of SHIELD‘s last season, fans have wondered if the characters from the show will ever appear in future projects. While nothing has been announced yet, it seems like the Disney+ shows could offer the perfect opportunity for characters like Quake (Chloe Bennet) to join the MCU properly. Of course, fans will likely have to wait until Agents of SHIELD comes to its proper end before finding out whether their favorite characters can continue on, but hopefully a version of this dream crossover can become a reality someday.

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