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The Flash: Michael Keaton’s Batman Joins the DCEU in New Fan Art

The Flash: Michael Keaton’s Batman Joins the DCEU in New Fan Art

The Flash Michael Keatons Batman Joins the DCEU in New

Michael Keaton’s Batman joins the DC Extended Universe in The Flash fan art. Decades after last playing the Caped Crusader in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, Keaton is portraying Batman in The Flash, which is due in 2022. News of his casting came as a great surprise for fans, since it was long assumed Keaton’s days as the Dark Knight were behind him. Right now, it appears his role in The Flash won’t be a one-off. Keaton’s Batman could become the DCEU’s Nick Fury, and there’s talk of him being in the Batgirl movie and other future projects.

Bringing Keaton back into the fold is an exciting development, illustrating how DC is looking to integrate the concept of a multiverse into their feature films. Many viewers are interested to see how exactly Keaton’s Batman returns and how he’ll fit into The Flash. It’ll likely be some time before any concrete details are revealed, so for now fans are just imagining what Keaton will look like in the DCEU.

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Artist BossLogic shared his latest piece on Twitter, depicting Keaton’s older Bruce Wayne reading a story in The Central City Citizen about The Flash missing. Keaton’s classic Batman costume from his two movies can be seen in the corner. Check out the artwork in the space below:

The art and the reactions to it illustrate how enthused DC fans are about Keaton’s return. When he was first cast as Batman, fans were skeptical; at the time Keaton was known as a comedic actor and some doubted he could be a convincing superhero. But Keaton won viewers over with his portrayal, and is still considered one of the finest cinematic Batmen – even after several other actors have donned the cape and cowl. As such, it’ll be very interesting to see Keaton return to the role all these years later and put a new spin on the character. He’ll definitely be the oldest Bruce Wayne viewers have seen onscreen, presenting director Andy Muschietti with an opportunity to do something audiences haven’t seen before.

Even more fascinating is the newspaper Keaton’s Batman is reading is the same one that was seen in The Flash TV show’s series premiere, complete with identical headlines. Of course, this is an Easter egg included for longtime fans to spot and isn’t indicative of where The Flash movie is going. However, there could be some connections. Ezra Miller’s version of The Flash have a cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and some believe that crossover could have set up Keaton’s Batman. Regardless of what happens on that front, it will be fun to see Keaton play Batman again and (hopefully) stick around for a few more movies in the DCEU.

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