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Are Bachelor's Colton Underwood & Madison Secretly Dating?

Are Bachelor's Colton Underwood & Madison Secretly Dating?

Are Bachelor039s Colton Underwood amp Madison Secretly Dating

Are Bachelor alums Colton Underwood and Madison Prewett secretly dating? Some suggestive Instagram comments have fans wondering whether the pair have coupled up, or will in the future. 

Underwood helmed season 23, a rather unusual season of the Bachelor. When Cassie Randolph, one of the runners up, decided to leave the show, Underwood decided to break things off with the two other women. Randolph and Underwood ended the season in a relationship but decided not to get engaged because Randolph wasn’t ready. After two years of dating, Randolph and Underwood ended their relationship in May. Prewett, a contestant on season 24 of The Bachelor, was briefly coupled up with Peter Weber after the season aired. Prewett split from Weber just two days after the Tell-All after Weber’s mother expressed her disapproval for their relationship.

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Cosmopolitan broke the news of a potential coupling up between Underwood and Prewett. When Prewett posted an Instagram video sharing her love for online Christian dating site FaithSocial, Colton responded to the video with a simple “Amen!” to which Prewett replied with a praise emoji. Next, Underwood posted his own faith-driven post where he explained how glorifying and enjoying God is a higher priority than maintaining a tidy, structured life.” Prewett responded to the post with a comment reading so good” which could be interpreted as slightly suggestive or completely innocent. Bachelor Nation sounded off their ship-ment (and some confusion) in the comments.

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The pairing would come as quite a surprise considering Underwood’s recent split. Just three months ago Randolph was helping Underwood recover from his COVID-19 diagnosis. Underwood likely has not had the time to evaluate his relationship with Randolph and prepare for another healthy relationship. The pair openly discussed their plans to eventually get married and Underwood referred to Randolph as my future wife,” before they split.

If Prewett decided to couple up with Underwood it would come as quite the surprise considering her relationship history. On season 24 of The Bachelor, Prewett left the show because she was waiting for marriage to have sex and wouldn’t be comfortable if Weber had sex with the other women in the fantasy suites. When Weber moved in with Kelly Flannagan, another contestant from his season, Prewett expressed her dismay on social media as she claimed Weber had recently reached out to rekindle their relationship. Weber responded by saying “You’d think you’d have a little more respect for this situation given we both know there’s more to the story…”

The shared passion for Christianity between Underwood and Prewett could be the start of a strong relationship foundation. With how Prewett’s relationship with Weber played out it seems her faith will be a non-negotiable part of her relationships going forward. Whether or not Weber will be accepting of Prewett’s decision to wait until marriage is up in the air. It wouldn’t be surprising if he has trouble with abstinence considering he just exited a relationship where he was prepared for marriage.

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Weber’s recently ended relationship might cause other problems for the potential pair. At the start of the pandemic, Prewett revealed to Elite Daily that she had no plans of dating during the pandemic. She explained how whenever big life events happen, she prefers to take the necessary time to make sure “my heart is in the right place.” She also revealed that she’s turned down anyone who has asked her on a date because she’s “focusing on (herself) right now.” If Prewett applies this same standard to her partners, it would be reasonable if she turned down Underwood because he has not taken the necessary steps to heal from his break up with Randolph.

A reason to believe the potential coupling up could be Prewett’s affinity for fame. In May she said she’s “dying” to be an influencer. The comment was all in good fun but if she really wants to become an influencer, she may be willing to do just about anything to achieve the status. A relationship with fellow Bachelor alum, Underwood, could help boost her publicity to reach the influencer status.

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