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Bloodshot: Was The Ending Just A Simulation? Theory Explained

Bloodshot: Was The Ending Just A Simulation? Theory Explained

Bloodshot Was The Ending Just A Simulation Theory

Was the ending to Bloodshot real, or just another simulation for Garrison? Based on the Valiant comic series of the same name, Bloodshot stars Vin Diesel as Ray Garrison, a former marine given a cutting edge upgrade and transformed into a deadly multi-billion dollar super-weapon. Through the use of “nanites” that replace his blood, Garrison becomes super-strong and nigh-on indestructible. Although there was talk of Bloodshot kick-starting a Valiant movie universe to sit alongside the Marvel and DC juggernauts, the film has attracted a muted reception critically, and a theatrical release was scuppered by the current pandemic. It remains to be seen as to whether Bloodshot‘s reception will impact Valiant movie plans going forward.

Even if Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot doesn’t make his cinematic return, at least his debut wasn’t left on a frustrating cliffhanger… probably. After Garrison first wakes up as a resurrected rage monster, he exacts revenge on the man who killed him and his wife in the first place. However, it’s not long before Diesel’s character discovers his memories have been tampered with. Garrison’s wife actually left him 5 years earlier, and the shady RST corporation have been manipulating their new asset to take down targets of their choosing under the pretense of romantic vengeance missions. Garrison takes down the RST baddies, albeit at the cost of his own life, and it seems Garrison might be truly dead. Bloodshot‘s final scene reveals Wilfred Wigans managed to rebuild his angry, bald friend and escape with KT in tow. Together, the trio ride off into the sunset.

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Just before Bloodshot closes out, however, the voice of Wigans can be heard, and the British genius casts some doubt over the validity of the film’s ending. Just before Bloodshot‘s finale hits feel-good overload, Wigans worries, “a little too perfect if you ask me. Are you serious? Right into the sunset? Are we sure that ain’t all a sim…” On one hand, this line fits with the mostly pessimistic and self-depreciating Wigans and is precisely his style of humor. The gag could simply be Wigans’ way of breaking the ice after realizing his new role as the third wheel to Ray and KT. Having said that, there could be some truth to his concerns.

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In theory, it’s possible that everything in Bloodshot is a simulation, and in a similar manner to Inception, the conspiracy Garrison uncovered was merely hiding another conspiracy intended to take down RST by framing them as villains – something Bloodshot wholeheartedly bought into. Since that particular theory would render the entire film meaningless, it’s unlikely to be true; just Bloodshot‘s final scene being a simulation, on the other hand, is a lot more plausible. The audience never sees what happens to Ray after blowing himself up to kill Dr. Harting, and if Wigans could put the super soldier back together, another super-genius might be able to do so too, subjecting him to the same kind of simulated reality RST did.

The curious thing is Wilfred’s awareness that riding off into the sunset might be a simulation. If true, this would mean that Ray, KT and Wilfred are all hooked up together to one shared memory, as a fake Wilfred wouldn’t be programmed to raise suspicion. The idea of shared simulations is something Bloodshot actually sets up earlier in the movie. When KT first decides to rebel against RST and rescue Ray, she enters his simulated marine mission to bring him out, introducing the idea that other consciousnesses can be entered into these dream-like realities. As for why this hypothetical mystery enemy would capture Ray, KT and Wilfred and put the trio into one simulated reality, perhaps this shady organization sees value in their new acquisitions as a team. A Bloodshot sequel would answer this mystery definitively, but if a follow-up doesn’t happen, fans will just have to assume Wilfred was joking, which he almost certainly was. Almost.

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