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Apex Legends: Season 5's Loba Has A Dark History With Revenant

Apex Legends: Season 5's Loba Has A Dark History With Revenant

Apex Legends Season 5039s Loba Has A Dark History With

Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale title Apex Legends has revealed a new character, and she has a dark connection to last season’s newcomer Revenant. Revenant’s reveal in Apex Legends was something of a surprise to fans, as many had been expecting Respawn Entertainment’s next character to be named Forge, which had been discovered by dataminers and leaked online ahead of the season’s release. Forge’s inclusion ended up being a prank played specifically on these dataminers, however, and Apex Legends instead introduced the assassin Revenant in the most villainous way possible: by having him brutally murder Forge himself before the new season of Apex Legends even started.

Despite worries about Revenant’s hit box, the character gone on to be a popular choice for Apex Legends fans since his release, with the assassin’s special ability to create a Death Totem (which allows players to respawn instantly upon death) proving to be an incredibly useful addition to Apex Legends team-up combinations. Now, a new season of Apex Legends is on the way, along with another brand-new character.

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As revealed in a new cinematic trailer earlier this week, this new Apex Legends fighter is Loba, and she has a complicated and dark history with the assassin Revenant as well. As detailed in Apex Legends’ newest story trailer, Loba’s parents were killed by Revenant when she was just a child, and as the other combatants have been battling it out above ground she has been meticulously hunting down Revenant in underground bunkers in a hate-fueled quest for revenge. Check out Loba’s official story reveal in the cinematic Apex Legends trailer, as posted to GameSpot’s YouTube channel, below:

Titled Fortune’s Favor, this video for Season 5 of Apex Legends not only details the motivations behind Loba’s entrance in the fight, it also shows off some of her special moves, including her ability to infiltrate areas and move around using a throw-able teleportation disc. Previous Apex Legends leaks and rumors have also suggested that Loba has special abilities which will allow her to locate certain types of loot from far away.

The interactions between different characters in Apex Legends has become one of fans’ favorite aspects about Respawn Entertainment’s team-based battle royale, and Loba’s dark backstory with Revenant is sure to introduce an interesting relationship which will likely grow and develop over time. While Loba may never forgive the robotic assassin for the murder of her parents, hopefully the two of them will find some common ground and be able to work together in the future. Since Apex Legends players get to choose whatever heroes they want when building a team, regardless of plot-based affiliations, it seems like they will have to come to some sort of truce… if only in players’ head canon.

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