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90 Day Fiance Couple Anny Robert Springs Reveal Their
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90 Day Fiance Couple Anny & Robert Springs Reveal Their Baby’s Gender

90 Day Fiance Anny Springs Robert Springs

Anny Springs and Robert Springs are growing on me as a couple.  The 90 Day Fiance   alums from last season had me wondering if there is any actual vetting process for K-1 visa applicants.  They met once for eight hours in the Dominican Republic before getting engaged.  Is it that easy to get a fiance visa?  How can you really know someone after such a short time together?  So it was inevitable that there would be huge adjustments when they started living together.

Anny as portrayed on the show came off as materialistic and petty.  The term gold digger comes to mind, but Robert is hardly the one to choose for such lofty goals.  But as a mother-to-be, Anny is absolutely charming.  Anny seems so happy to be carrying a child.  When she announced her pregnancy back in April, she called her baby, “my gift from God.”

The picture she posted with the original announcement showed Anny and Robert wearing pink tops.  It seemed they knew they were having a girl at the time, but had yet to confirm it.

Now, Anny and Robert are making the news official.  They will be welcoming a baby girl into their family and Robert’s son Bryson will be a big brother.


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According to an article by E! News, the couple posted pictures from a gender reveal party.  Anny is wearing a pink top and holding a balloon that says, “it’s a girl.”

“I’m so happy to know that I’ll be having a princess!  Knowing how it feels to be a mother is such a beautiful sentiment,” Anny wrote, “I’m so full of love for my baby.”


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She included special words for her baby.  Anny wrote, “you haven’t been born yet and I think of you every second, I love you.”

Congratulations to Anny and Robert!


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