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Au Revoir Trashies – TrashTalkTV
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Au Revoir Trashies – TrashTalkTV

So many times, I have sat down to write this or think of all the things I wanted to say, but in the end, it always came to the same thing…. I am so grateful to have found this site and all the commenters on here. As a longtime lover of reality shows I never commented on other sites because those people took these shit shows and crap people seriously like give them advice or care about them.

Au Revoir Trashies – TrashTalkTV

I just wanted to watch these shows and feel better about my life choices.

1587302178 720 Au Revoir Trashies – TrashTalkTVMy sentiments for most reality stars who are not Big Daddy Tom or Scar

It wasn’t until my second maternity leave and a little show called Cheer Perfection came on that I stumbled onto TrashTalk. I was home alone most of the time with a five-year-old, a new baby who never slept and a husband working 14-hour shifts. I was up ALL hours of the day and on a weird sleep pattern watching EVERY show imaginable and in desperate need of conversation. I found you all and it was like coming home.

Of all the shows I covered Top Chef was closest to my heart, after taking over from a beloved writer I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it justice and by god you readers made it so special. It truly was the highlight of my life! I haven’t been able to watch so far this season because watching without writing is just too heartbreaking. I am hopeful that in some capacity to start up soon either writing for myself in my own corner or for the Grand Queen Supreme Babylegs. I made a twitter account a year and I kept forgetting to incorporate it into my bio, but you can catch me @StevenWiser3. I am still figuring it out so I don’t tweet as much as I follow but anything new I do I will announce there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, laugh along with me, not pitying me when I cried at the end of every finale of Top Chef because I wanted them ALL TO WIN or suffered through RHONJ with me through two brutal seasons. But most of all thank you to Ronnie who found me funny enough to come aboard as a writer and Babylegs for being unbelievably kind and wonderful leader.

Au Revoir Trashies – TrashTalkTVAu revoir my lovelies

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