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Adios my Trashies – TrashTalkTV
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Adios, my Trashies!! – TrashTalkTV

Hi all, I wanted to write everyone a very quick note- I had intended to write something longer but time got away from me with the holidays.  Well, that and the fact that I’m basically a slacker.

I have been a TrashTalkTv contributor since back in the TVgasm days.  I’ve ripped to shreds many a Bravolebrity over the years and some non-Bravolebrities as well.  Writing for this site has fueled my intense loathing for Vicki Gunvalson, Teresa Giudice and the two-headed monster that is Dorit & PK and has also fueled my love for all-things Patricia from Southern Charm.

It’s been fun and it’s been a lot of hard work- but mostly, it has kept me writing at a time in my life when I felt, creatively, empty.  These idiots on Bravo- along with your support- have kept me going, and for this I thank you.  You guys have come to my defense, when Penny-Stock Trader Timothy Sykes came after me in the comments, calling me a liar and <GASP!> POOR!!  I sat back with my popcorn while you guys tore him a new one- that’s when I knew (for sure) I had found my people.  Anyway, just wanted to say THANK YOU, not only to the readers and commenters, but also to my friend Robin who encouraged me to audition, and to Ronnie Karam, Babylegs and L-Boogie for running the site and for their support.  Love, Love, Love you guys!!!

“Now, Michael, it’s time for my retirement drink…”

Adios my Trashies – TrashTalkTV

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